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In the grand lineage of “core” trends, first came cottagecore, a celebration of all things woodsy. Then coastal grandmother, the real-life embodiment of basically every Nancy Meyer movie. Then Barbiecore, a pink-drenched movement highlighting playful nostalgia. But there’s a new core in town, and it’s a departure from them all: Plazacore. Inspired by one of the most iconic hotels in the world, the Plaza Hotel in New York City, the on-trend aesthetic is fall’s preppy, crystal-clad, velvet-swathed response to summer’s season of linen slipcovers and blushing color palettes. 

A quick search of the hashtag on TikTok makes it clear the look leans mostly toward fashion and accessories. But when we envision the idea, it’s the furniture we imagine Eloise would have in her grown-up digs or how Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf might decorate her modern-day manse on the Upper East Side. Think: gilded accents, plush linens, and dainty details like scalloped edges and monogrammed glassware. It’s the kind of lifestyle that says “What’s inflation?” The good news is, you don’t need a Black Card or Central Park South address to live like a top-floor guest. Here’s how to bring five-star style to any home (for far less than $1,500 a night).  

In Your Lobby 

From the foyer to the family room, the hallmark of a grand entryway is a stellar first impression and an inviting atmosphere. Set the tone with a laid-back taupe on the walls that evokes quiet glamour and a sense of calm. Once inside, an elegant side table within arm’s reach, topped with luxe linen coasters, gives guests a place to set their welcome drinks.

For In-Room Dining

Rule number one of living like a Plaza resident: Champagne should always be on deck. Whether you’re enjoying a glass in the comfort of your room or popping a bottle for visitors, the right crystal flutes are essential for ensuring long-lasting effervescence and a faceted ice bucket shows off bubbly in style. For breakfast (preferably served in bed), coffee is best dressed when poured from a shining French press and into a cup perched primly on a porcelain saucer

To Style Your Suite 

Bring the look of opulent hotel drapery home with a weighty velvet throw to drape over the end of your bed. On the walls, a refined stripe adds elegance with its slender ticking, but a rush of red puts just the right amount of Eloise-approved mischief in play. Naturally, you’ll need a fancy trinket box bedside to keep your favorite Tiffany & Co. sparklers safe while you sleep.

For a Spalike Space 

An ultraplush robe is a crucial addition to any bathroom space vying for status as an en suite oasis. The golden glow from a wiggly mirror and a shining countertop tray give you a place to powder your nose and set your Chanel No. 5 after a spritz. Meanwhile, an Italian leather dopp kit keeps travel-size essentials at the ready for when you jet off for a weekend stay in your favorite penthouse, of course.