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Status soaps are nothing new, but unlike the braggy bottles we’ve seen on sinks in the past—you know, the Byredos and Aesops of the world—we recently found one that is a dead ringer for a cult scent but is actually affordable. Like $7 affordable. Meet Method’s Vetiver + Amber Gel Hand Wash. That is, if you haven’t already come across it on TikTok.

Most of us are familiar with Method and its teardrop-shaped packaging because of its place on the shelves of Target, Walmart, and most drugstores. Growing up, I always loved the Sweet Water foaming one for its bright, clean scent. But in the brand’s newest line of four grown-up fragrances, things are looking a little chicer. Thanks to recyclable, refill-friendly aluminum packaging—the sleek brushed metallic finishes and cylindrical shape are meant to complement bathroom fixtures—your guests might be surprised that you didn’t find it at a department store.

Looks aside, the aroma is practically identical to Le Labo’s famous Santal 33 scent, which goes for $198 for a 1.7-ounce bottle and wafts through some of the stylish 1 Hotels. But now I don’t have to travel farther than to my local Target to get a whiff of the smoky, woodsy, lightly sweet fragrance. And the best part is that like a perfume, the scent lingers on my hands throughout the day. Suddenly, my urge to invest in fancy hand soap has subsided. I’m a Method girl once again.