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When our Instagram feeds went from being flooded with coastal grandma interiors to photos of Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling Rollerblading in matching neon-’80s getups, we knew it was coming: Barbie, the movie. From the sneak peeks we’ve seen of Greta Gerwig’s upcoming flick (out in 2023), we are all in for a nostalgic treat. But what we’re more excited about than the fun outfits and flirty date scenes is a look inside Barbie’s home. Will she be a minimalist or a maximalist? Will she have a sectional or settee? Is she a headboard or no-headboard type of doll?

All this wondering has us craving Barbiecore for our own homes, too. And we’re not the only ones; the term Barbiecore is trending on TikTok with 12.7 million views, and it’s all over the spaces of furniture designer Sophie Colle, content creator Hannah Dahl, and the newly opened Palm Springs Trixie Motel. Whether you’re looking to live in a Dreamhouse or just want a touch of bubblegum pink in your world, these pieces bring the kitschy aesthetic to life without taking it too far. And if it gets us closer to Robbie, we’ll buy it.

Chef Barbie

Decorator Barbie

Handy Barbie