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Some wardrobe items are notoriously hard to organize—belts and scarves are among the trickiest. But we’ve finally found the perfect solution for the former. Designer and TV personality Nate Berkus just shared a brilliant trick for conquering the chaos of belt storage on Instagram, giving credit to his friend Marjorie Gubelmann for forwarding a video from a stylist in Canada and introducing him to “one of the most exciting things” he’s ever learned. 

Berkus shuts down other methods such as hanging them on a hanger or simply rolling the strappy accessories up as quickly as possible, pointing out that they never stay where you want them to…until now. The system he picked up involves threading one end of the belt through its buckle and then curling it around itself from the end tip forward. This ensures that the strap holds, preventing it from immediately unfurling. 

For those who don’t have a dedicated belt drawer in their closet like Berkus, try placing woven baskets on your shelves or sliding some shallow bins under your bed. No matter how often you actually wear one, it’s nice knowing that when you do reach for a belt to complete your outfit, you won’t waste five minutes untangling them all.