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You won’t often hear Nate Berkus speaking about big-box retailers. Instead you’ll find his most common descriptors are things like “1950s Italian,” “1880s Louis XV style,” and “mid-century French.” When he talks about his personal design heroes, he rattles off such names as Angelo Mangiarotti, Alberto Giacometti, Axel Einar Hjorth, and Gae Aulenti. That’s because when Berkus wants to make a home feel truly special, he shops vintage. 

Naturally, 1stDibs asked the interior designer to curate a list of some of his favorite pieces on the online marketplace. In honor of Pride month, Berkus honed in on items listed by LGBTQ+ sellers. Meanwhile, the company will be making a donation to nonprofit advocacy group Housing Works, which provides funding and lifesaving services to those affected by HIV/AIDS and homelessness.

Throughout the month of June, Berkus will be spotlighting 30 of his top finds. Here’s a look at some of his selects so far and why he picked them out from the crowd.

Folding Screen 100 Designed by Alvar Aalto 

curvy wood screen
Folding Screen 100 Designed by Alvar Aalto for Artek, 1stDibs ($20,377)

This “terrific architectural staple,” as Berkus calls it, recently made its way into one of his projects in Massachusetts. But if this divider gets snapped up soon, never fear: They’re all over 1stDibs. Depending on the condition and what year it was produced, you can get one for closer to $6,000.

Giovanni Offredi for Saporiti Dining Chairs

white chairs
Giovanni Offredi for Saporiti Dining Chairs, Italy, 1970s, 1stDibs ($4,200)

There’s something sporty about the sledlike base of these sleek chairs, but the cream-colored upholstery isn’t for the faint of heart (or those with little ones present at the dinner table).

Cast Resin Plaster Dado Table Lamp

white lamp
Cast Resin Plaster Texture Dado Table Lamp, Kacper Dolatowski, 1stDibs ($3,250)

One ingredient to a great entryway, according to Berkus, is a good lamp—even better if said fixture doubles as a stylish sculpture, like this geometric resin one.

Duanye Hatchett Abstract Painting

black and white painting
Huge Mid Century Modern Texas Artist Abstract Expressionist Action Painting (1992) by Duanye Hatchett, 1stDibs ($7,899 was $9,750)

Berkus’s designer husband, Jeremiah Brent, previously revealed to us that when the couple searches online for art, they use terms like contemporary, mixed medium, transitional, and geometric. This piece by Duanye Hatchett meets their basic requirements.

Neoclassical Wrought-Iron and Bronze Bench

white bench
Neoclassical Wrought-Iron and Bronze Bench, France 1950s, 1stDibs ($9,500)

We know exactly what it was about this bench that caught Berkus’s attention: The iron and bronze base is designed in the style of Alberto Giacometti.

Large 19th-Century English Pine Cupboard

wood cupboard
Large 19th-Century English Pine Housekeeper’s Cupboard, 1stDibs ($11,875)

We can see Berkus situating this freestanding cabinet against a wall clad in antique mirrors, much like the ones in his NYC dining room.

Mid-Century Modern Lacquer Waterfall Nesting Tables

red nesting tables
Mid-Century Modern Lacquer Waterfall Nesting Tables – Jean-Michel Frank Style, 1stDibs ($4 was $5,880)

Jean-Michel Frank has always been one of Berkus’s favorite designers. “The simplicity of these tables in his style would work in any room,” says the designer.

Hermès Victoria 43 Travel Bag

black bag
Hermès Victoria 43 Travel Bag, 1stDibs ($3,040 was $3,800)

Black and tan is one of his go-to color combos because it’s both classic “and yet not supercommon. The Victoria has always been a great value in comparison to other Hermès styles. And you can fit a lot in it!” shares Berkus.

Gold Leaf Mirror Classical Shape

gold mirror
Gold Leaf Mirror Classical Shape, Midcentury, France, 1stDibs ($2,800)

There are already seven active offers on this gold leaf-plated bentwood and plaster mirror, and we only have the squiggly decor trend to blame.

Burgundy Glazed Chinese Pottery Jardiniere With Ram’s Horns

dark red pot
Burgundy Glazed Chinese Pottery Jardiniere With Ram’s Horns, 1stDibs ($1,590)

Leave it empty or fill it with a fern—either way, this pot is a star. Plus Berkus is a sucker for this color and a ram motif.

Dinner Set for 6 by Bottega Vignoli

plate with fish border
Dinner Set for 6 (12 pieces) by Bottega Vignoli, Hand-Painted Italian Majolica, 1stDibs ($2,484 was $3,105)

Adding fancy dishes to your wedding registry seems like an outdated concept until you realize you can go the hand-painted Italian route.

Brutalist Solid Elm Bench, France 1960s

wood bench
Brutalist Solid Elm Bench – France 1960s, 1stDibs ($5,500)

“This rough-hewn French Brutalist–style bench works easily in so many locations: the Alps, at the beach, or in Ohio,” Berkus suggests.

Deborah Lea Dresser by Kate Duncan 

black and wood credenza
Deborah Lea Dresser With Leather and Brass Accents by Kate Duncan, 1stDibs ($18,000)

Despite its higher price tag, this Brutalist-inspired dresser is already sitting in two customers’ carts, probably because it’s a lifetime investment. The piece is crafted from solid hardwood, leather, and brass.