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Nate Berkus was 11 years old the first time he stepped foot in Bloomingdale’s. He was in New York City on a school field trip and recalls likening the flagship location to a “temple of retail.” Decades later, Berkus found himself at the storefront once again last year, staring at his own collection in the window. While most of the designer’s luxury product line, available exclusively at Bloomingdale’s, has sold out, we clocked that the percale bedding is still in stock—and it’s currently marked down up to 75% off.

Rooted in classic yet updated neutrals, the collection was intended to still feel fresh 10 years from now—a huge plus if you’re going to shell out a few hundred dollars on premium linens. “I don’t believe in trends in home,” he says. “I want these things to stand the test of time, so I’m not paying attention to what the Pantone color of the year is.” When it came to the sheets, Berkus prioritized percale that’s cool to the touch. His reasoning? Most people seem to sleep warm, plus the woven cotton will hold up well after several washes. 

Make the Bed Like Berkus

As for putting it all together, Berkus is a stickler for bed making—even when he’s sick, he gets up to straighten the sheets and gets right back in. But he suggests that the laziest of risers can still muster together a chic space without putting in too much work. His tip? Lay four pillows horizontal on the bed, including the ones you sleep on. Take one extra cushion (he likes a bolster or a 20-inch decorative pillow) and put it in front. All of a sudden it’s neat and done. Bonus points for adding a throw blanket at a jaunty angle or folded at the end of the bed.

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