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No matter where I’m working, it doesn’t take much to distract me. In an office, I absolutely must take part in any conversation within earshot. At home, I can’t listen to music with lyrics without breaking into a song (sometimes a dance, if the playlist includes Bad Bunny). And when I’m visiting my parents, barking dogs, blaring TVs, and buzzing power tools are standard soundscapes that break my concentration. In hopes of getting anything done, I’ve decided to become an earplug person, so I started by putting the Experience Pro set by Loop to the test. 

Because I plan to use these daily and didn’t want a Costco-size container of squishy foam on my desk, I knew a reusable option was the way to go. Loop caught my eye with a ringlike design that looks like a cool pair of earrings and comes in a variety of colors that mimic precious metals (silver, rose, and yellow gold). I’m Team Yellow Gold when it comes to jewelry, so the latter was an easy choice. Each pair comes in a tiny case that I can slip into a drawer at the end of the day or attach to my keyring so it is within reach no matter where my laptop and I end up. 

Courtesy of Loop

They definitely look cute, but I was a bit worried about how they’d fit. I have those types of ears that can never keep an earbud in place—if I’m laughing, chewing, or even walking too hard, they typically go flying. The Experience Pro model comes with a variety of silicone and foam inserts, so I was able to find the perfect fit: small. I put them through a rigorous cycle of exaggerated laughter, beef-jerky chomping, and bouncy deskside exercise breaks. To my surprise, they really stayed put.

As for how they work, there are a lot of science-y decibel measurements involved behind the scenes, but basically these earplugs will reduce surrounding noise by about 20 percent. They’re not completely noise canceling, but I’m okay with that. There’s also a mute accessory that pops into the outer ring to minimize background noise even more. At the end of the day, that means I can no longer make out which daytime courtroom drama my mom is watching across the house, but I can definitely hear her walk into the room to tell me she made dinner—a distraction I’ll welcome anytime. 

Gold Loop earplugs
Experience Plus (Pro) Plugs, Loop ($30 was $40)