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As a beauty editor, it is my job (and ultimate obsession) to find the most worthy products, advice, and secrets to pass on to you guys. And I take that responsibility seriously (just ask my coworkers about the skincare closet here at Domino HQ). As much as I love a great new product, it’s not often that you find one that gives you everything you’re looking for.

Sometimes you love the quality, but the packaging? Ehh not so much. Or vice versa—the packaging is shockingly beautiful, but the quality has you wanting more. So when the stars do align (too dramatic?) and the quality, ingenuity, and packaging are all on-point (beauty and brains!), I can’t stop talking about it. Which is why I’ve gathered us to discuss my new favorite makeup line. (Not sponsored, just an article gushing about the beauty (pun intended) of this new launch.)

You know who I trust to both give makeup advice and create their own lines? Celebrity makeup artists. Not just any celeb makeup artist (mua for shorthand beauty addicts), makeup artists so famed and popular, they are celebrities themselves. First there was Charlotte Tilbury, then Pat McGrath. And now Gucci Westman has launched the aforementioned line I won’t stop talking about, Westman Atelier.

Photography by Cody Guilfoyle

If Westman’s name doesn’t ring a bell right off the bat, her clients and friends surely will—including Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore, and Cameron Diaz—just to name a few. Gucci got her start in editorial, as most artists do, working with the likes of Annie Leibovitz and Bruce Weber. She’s associated with natural, glowy, lit-from-within makeup, and her new makeup line (which launched earlier this year) gives that exact effect—all without sacrificing quality or cleanliness. And by that I mean, clean cosmetics. Yep, her line of 6 products are not only insanely gorgeous, but they are also filled with botanical-powered formulas that have zero fillers and toxins. I don’t know about you, but my skin is sensitive (literally, and meteorically, emotional, my dear readers), and so is Westman’s, who has rosacea and always had trouble finding makeup that soothes it, while also lasting and looking great. Every product has healing, hydrating ingredients, like organic jojoba oil and hyaluronic acid filling spheres (basically high tech hyaluronic so it lifts skin but stays put for hours on hours), along with caper extract, which is derived from the naturally growing caper bud, known for its powerful ability to reduce inflammation.

Beyond cleanliness, it’s clever: each product is meant to do double or triple duty, so you only need a handful of products in your bag. The foundation also works as a concealer; the dreamy, perfect Super Loaded Tinted Highlighter is a multipurpose cream that works as a highlighter, contour, bronzer, and blush all-in-one; the blush works as a lipstick.

Photography by Cody Guilfoyle

I don’t know how we’ve gotten this far without talking about the packaging. The matte, powder pink, slate gray, gold, and black packaging has a heft to it. The metal compacts and sticks feel and look luxurious while holding them. It’s all about the details for Westman: The sticks have that satisfying magnetic closing when you bring the lid near the base; the etched-in ‘Westman Atelier’ is in tiny writing across the packaging side; the slight, subtle print on the highlighter and blush compacts; and each product comes with a travel case—either leather or linen. Basically, it’s a quiet, confident, luxe product line that speaks volumes without shouting.

All in all, the exact type of products you’d proudly display on your vanity for all to see. But details and product breakdown! Let’s dish! All are winners in the 6 piece range (with 11 foundation and 4 blush shades), but here are a handful of items I’ve been using every single day since I tried them.

Super Loaded Tinted Highlighter, $65

Maybe my favorite product in the range (but don’t make me choose!), and to me, the most unexpected and unique. I’ve never really seen a product like this before. When you open the black compact, the bronzed shade seems intimidating (at least to a pale human being such as I), and when you apply your fingers to the product, it changes your perception of it: for what seems like a powder, actually is a light cream formula when it meets the warmth of your fingers. It melts onto the skin in the most noticeably subtle, yet universally flattering, bronzed tone, which can be used on your cheeks as a blush slash bronzer, then on the cheekbones to brow bone as a highlighter, and even on eyelids as an eyeshadow. It’s completely foolproof, too, I dab it on within 2 seconds and go. Those superpowered ingredients are hard at work here, too. That organic jojoba oil and the hyaluronic acid spheres we mentioned before are plumping, hydrating, and smoothing on the skin. Honestly, it’s the greatest thing I’ve tried in the last few months, I’m blown away by it.

Photography by Cody Guilfoyle

Vital Skin Foundation Stick, $68

Natural foundation is tricky. The stabilizers and formulas in traditional foundation keep it on your skin for longer, but with natural, sans-chemicals foundations, the formulas have to rely on a brilliant blend of plant oils and antioxidants instead. Westman’s foundation is chock full of vegetable-derived squalane, which makes it glide on beautifully, and honestly, last all day. I don’t personally use it as a concealer, as my dark circles have been conspiring against me lately, but I’ve heard others have tremendous success with using just one foundation stick as their everyday base. I just either dab my fingers (clean—always use clean fingers!) on the stick, or glide the stick over my face and blend with my fingers.

Baby Cheeks Blush Stick, $50

Westman knows her blushes. After decades in makeup, she’s perfected that natural flushed look that gives skin an effortless, healthy glow. Her shades are unexpected but gorgeous. And like all other products in the line, they blend beautifully and are completely foolproof. I’ve been using Petal, which I thought would be way too mauve-y for a, as we established above, pale person. But it’s the shade I’d never pick for myself that’s actually perfect. Between the highlighter and blush, I look like I’m on a Bali beach vacation with my fake Australian surfer boyfriend without a care in the world (while I actually sit in fluorescent lighting in New York boyfriend and tan-less). Westman’s blush is also pretty high tech, using berryflux vita (never heard of it either, but it’s extracted from raspberry cells) and biomimicry pigments to deeply moisturize and actually mimic the texture of natural skin, so it blends into your face flawlessly, not sit on top of it.

Things I’m excited to try from Westman next? Her gorgeous line of makeup brushes, which launch in November. The vegan brushes are custom made by Westman, based off of all the daily little nuances that make or break makeup brushes—bristles that are shorter, so you can use the brush quicker; softer bristles so you have less irritation; handles that are slimmer so you can hold them easier.

Westman launched her line first exclusively with Barney’s, who still carries the entire range. The line is now at Violet Grey too, which I always love shopping for both their customer experience and their brilliant expertise and usage guide with each product. They’ll also soon be available at additional retailers and her online store, too.

Stay tuned, this chic gal is only getting started.

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