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What Converting a Tub to a Shower Will Really Cost You

A new online remodel calculator tallies it all up.
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Unless you consider yourself the bubble-bath-taking type or have little kids in your house, you probably don’t want or need a tub. Scrapping it altogether and replacing it with a walk-in shower is one of the most common bathroom remodeling moves we see, but what does it actually cost to make the change? Modernize Home Services recently launched a Shower Remodel Cost Calculator to help people tally up all their potential shower reno expenses. 

According to the company’s findings, when you choose to convert your tub to a shower, you can expect to pay between $1,800 and $4,430 at a minimum. The cost can go up from there depending on the materials you choose, the condition of the existing shower, and the price of labor in your area. And things can get steep fast: Home Depot’s average estimate falls a smidge higher, between $6,000 and $10,000, for example. But don’t let those numbers deter you from making the change. Below, three of our favorite tub-to-shower transformations that are reminders to prioritize the spaces you actually use and love. 

The One Made for Aging in Place

While designer Natalie Myers’s clients had no need to keep the ADA-compliant walk-in tub that was previously in this space, she maintained a similar partition wall in the new shower setup, mostly because it offers a little privacy. Additionally, inside the shower, the half-wall serves as an anchor for a floating stone bench. The element is handy for anyone who prefers to sit while sudsing up. 

The Double-Sided One

Anastasia Casey estimates her old tub took at least 40 minutes to fill up and likens the 30-inch-wide shower to a “tiny, awful coffin.” She decided to expand her standing room by taking over the tub and turning the area into a double shower (peep the other side in the picture at the top of this story). Casey built off of the pipes that were already there and added a second head by the glass-block window as well as a wand, which comes in handy when the dog needs a hose-down. 

The Night and Day One

Domino’s managing shopping editor Samantha Weiss-Hills’s bathroom footprint is exactly the same as before, but it looks like she gained a few extra feet of space because there’s no longer a fiberglass tub and curtain bisecting the room. The glass partition (a $300 Wayfair score) allows sunlight to reach every corner, including all the potted plants on the tippy-top shower shelf.

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