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Run, don’t walk: Zara Home is in the midst of their mid-season sale—and the deals are chicer than ever. With items ranging up to 40 percent off, the fashion forward emporium is offering customers the chance to snag their already-affordable, on-trend pieces at a fraction of the cost. From eye-catching geometrics to bold botanicals, their on-sale finds capture the design moments we’re loving right now.

But if you want to get ahead of the latest trends, you’ll have to act fast. With only about a week left (the sale officially ends on November 15), we scoured the site for the best of the best so you don’t have to. Take a look at the en vogue products we’re loving, ahead. 

Burnt Orange

Muddy shades of terracotta and burnt persimmon aren’t just for fall—they’re here to stay. Whether you bring this shapeshifting hue to the bed or the dinner table, it’s sure to lend a stylish hand. We’re swooning over these rusty orange finds.

Sateen Flat Sheet with Printed Pattern, $49.90 – $69.90

When combined with graphic prints similar in tone and scale, this patterned sheet will in fact act as a unifying neutral for your entire bed scheme. Browns, deep blues, and charcoal grays will also pair beautifully.

Orange Glass Tumbler, $5.90

A subtle splash of fiery tangerine instantly elevates this ordinary drinking glass. For those struggling to style their exposed floating kitchen shelves, consider this an affordable reason to grow your collection of vivid kitchenware.

Cotton Bath Mat with Jacquard Border, $29.90  

Transform your bathroom into a color-charged sanctuary in five seconds flat by dropping this cushy orange landing pad at the foot of the shower. Its slightly rusty color offers a cool and modern alternative to a dreary white mat.

Two-Tone Porcelain Tea Set, $9.90 – $29.90

Tea time is supposed to be fun—and this painted serving set promises a good time. Transforming what would otherwise feel like a formal gathering into a laidback get-together, its organic two-toned composition is the artful touch your sipping session needs.


Contrary to popular belief, neon doesn’t have to be as in-your-face as the flashing lights of the Las Vegas Strip would have you believe. In small doses, the maximalist-approved trend can surprise even the most color averse.

Colored Bottle-Shaped Vase, $29.90

Finish off an empty shelf or sun-drenched nook with this sculptural green accent piece. When the light hits just right, its orb-like base and elongated neck will create a thrilling sense of movement.

Striped Placemat (Pack of 2), $9.90

A placemat as brave and loud as this certainly deserves a spot at the table. With your base in place, dive deeper into every shade of the rainbow by introducing glassware and cutlery that exudes the same energy.

Assorted Acrylic Coasters (Set of 4), $9.90 

Good coasters are the one home essential every 20-something adult will come to know and appreciate at some point in their lives. These translucent pieces have definitely caught our attention.

Jacquard Towel with Pompoms, $2.90 – $25.90

When it comes to fun design, frilly pompoms and fringy tassels will always do the trick. A playful riff on the standard white towel, bold threads will bring new meaning to bath time.

The Tropics

Tropical motifs have long inspired interiors. While banana leafs, palm prints, and friendly parrots are a few recent trends to hit the scene, we’re equally loving the jungle-inspired botanicals and saturated hues ahead.

Printed Jacquard Napkin (Pack of 4), $25.90 

If paradise could be summed up in a form as mundane as a dinner napkin, we think this set would do your personal utopia justice. Beware: The elaborate detailing of flora and fauna is so intriguing that guests may end up forgoing conversation for an evening spent staring at their laps.

Palm Leaf Placemat, $9.90 

Get in on your winter vacation plans early by channeling the shapes of the tropics at the dining table with these breezy reversible placemats (the other side boasts a solid finish).

Pleated Throw Pillow Cover, $29.90

Seemingly inspired by the rich golden hues of a beachside sunset, this luxe pillow exudes sheer warmth. Bonus? Its ribbed surface will bring much-needed texture to a room lacking tactility.  

Blue Glass Tumbler, $2.90

Do you dream of taking on unchartered waters? Channel oceanic splendor with these cooling blue glasses. They’ll take your kitchen further than you’ve gone before.

Color Block  

Visually and systematically arranging colors in your home by blocking is one decorative strategy we wholeheartedly adore. From two-toned vessels to graphic table essentials, here are four mix-and-match finds worth the purchase.

Patchwork Pattern Throw Pillow Cover, $29.90

Three’s company was decidedly the working motto for this modern pillow, which brings together an unexpected grouping of emerald green, navy, and brown. Add this velvet stunner to a lonesome armchair or ever-growing pile of bedroom throw pillows for a sumptuous look.

Two-Toned Borosilicate Glass Pitcher, $29.90 

No complementary color pairing quite compares to this dreamy duo. Side by side, blue and orange make for a wow-worthy pitcher.

Contrasting-Colored Stoneware Mug, $9.90 

A surprising pop of yellow takes this cheery mug from your standard coffee vessel to a transportive morning time essential. Hopefully, this bonus dose of color will bring you as much joy as what you pour inside.

Geometric Line Print Tablecloth, $49.90 

An interlocking web of graphic stripes and opposing lines, this slightly psychedelic tablecloth creates a dizzying effect—though, that’s exactly the point. In lieu of a single-colored linen covering, set your feast on a surface that pulls double duty as a conversation starter.

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