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November birthdays are particularly sunny, but that doesn’t have anything to do with the weather. Citrine, November’s birthstone, is known for its yellow hue and is believed by some to hold the powers of the sun—but whether or not you buy into crystal therapy, it’s a particularly cheerful stone to bring into your space.

Citrine, also known as yellow quartz, can range in hues from light, greenish yellow to golden amber, but as a color, it’s most considered as be the former. The stone is thought to banish negative thoughts and promote success, and by bringing the hue into your home, you can, at the very least, energize your space with some lively yellow accents. Whether you’re a November baby or not, these citrine-inspired picks are an easy way to refresh your home in anticipation of cooler, darker, late autumn days.

Champlain 20×20 Velvet Pillow, Kim Salmela, $125.00

The velvet texture of this throw pillow lends a softness to its bold hue, making it an ideal accent piece amid a mix of darker, subdued colors. Or, keep it simple, and toss it on a neutral-colored couch.

Citrine Gemstone Intention Candle, Coven, $45.00

With notes of clove, grapefruit, and patchouli, this candle gives off a luxuriously warming late-fall fragrance. The hand-poured mixture also contains a citrine crystal, to promote intentions of power and abundance. Light it up, and think big.

Yuki Vase Large, Studio Arhoj, $88.00

Although this vase is named after the Japanese word for snow (thanks to its icicle-like glaze), it has a sunny effect on interiors. The natural texture of the hand-thrown stoneware enhances the look of its yellow gloss.

Eraser Pencil Stand, Areaware, $6.00

Though this pencil stand is uncomplicated in design, it’s a perfectly practical desk accessory—it’s also an eraser! You may be tempted to keep it looking pristine, but it’s best to embrace function over form in this instance. With a price point of just $6, it’s a pick you’ll want to buy in multiples.

Mini Stoneware Plant Pot, H&M, $2.99

This mini plant pot is a cute vessel for a cactus, with a very appealing price point. Consider it the easiest addition for a cheerful desk.

Green on Yellow Splatterware Mug With Handle, March, $50.00

The splatter effect of these Italian-made mugs evokes old school enamel wear, but with a fresh, design-minded twist. Especially when paired with a strong pot of coffee, they provide an immense amount of motivation.

Neat Dining Chair, Blu Dot, $399.00

Totally upholstered in a wool and rayon blend, this minimalist chair is a perfectly cheerful seating option. Foam padding makes its structure just as comfortable as it is cute.

Gold Aurora Print, Upton, $68.00

This abstractly geometric print pairs citrine with a faded-out yellow to create dimension in an otherwise simple design. It’s an easy addition to a gallery wall, but it also looks striking on its own.

Yayoi Kusama Pumpkin Jigsaw Puzzle, MoMA Design Store, $55.00

Yayoi Kusama’s polka dot-spattered artworks are delightful in and of themselves, but they become even more so in the form of a jigsaw puzzle. This 1000-piece game makes a sweet gift for any art-lover—just throw in a frame that can be used to display the final result.

Type 75 Desk Lamp Special Edition Margaret Howell, Anglepoise, $200.00

A good desk lamp shouldn’t scream “home office.” This matte option designed by Sir Kenneth Grange has a modern, almost industrial feeling that’s balanced by its vibrant color.

Citrine Point, Crystal Cactus, $18.00

Cleansed with sage, this simple citrine point looks bewitching atop a dresser or a bedside table. Symbolically, it’s associated with healing and overcoming fears.

BIOBU Bano Toothbrush Holder, Ekobo, $6.00

Don’t neglect the chance to add a little joy to your bathroom sink. This toothbrush-holding cup makes a twice-daily routine feel even more fun.

Floral Jacquard Blanket, Zara Home, $129.00

Waking up becomes much easier with the help of an energizing throw. Stow it at the foot of your bed as you sleep, and wrap it around yourself as soon as you wake up and go to brew your coffee or tea. You won’t feel even slightly inclined to crawl back under your sheets.

Yellow Confetti Shot Glass – Set of 6, Maison Numen, $126.00

The electrifying color alone of these shot glasses is enough to energize a party, not even considering what spirit they might be filled with. Each glass is hand-blown, resulting in a set of totally unique pieces.