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Being that it’s the focal point—and defining factor—of a bedroom, the way a bed is styled can say a lot about it. The color palette and design aesthetic inform the rest of the room. If your bedroom is your oasis, devoid of stressors like technology or your roommate’s parakeet, it might also be devoid of color and statement-making pieces. If your bedroom is where you go to re-energize, it might be coated in vibrant, sunny colors and inspirational artwork. It’s all very personal and dependent on the tone set by the key element in the room: your bed.

Which is why choosing your bedding is such a pivotal part of designing your bedroom. Opt for unexpected color palettes and fabrics that complement each other; that way, even if your bedroom is so small that a bed is the only thing that fits in it, you won’t be lacking in visual intrigue.

Here, some bedding pairings to consider if you’re in the market for a new bedroom look.

Sunset Tones

Drawing from one of our favorite color palettes du jour, this assortment of pieces feels instantly calming—probably due to the soft, warm colors. Keep the base almost neutral with a washed cotton duvet that’s somewhere between sand and rose, then use more saturated accents—a gold-toned throw blanket, bright coral throw pillows—to add a bit of contrast.

Layer in a second blanket for an extra bit of hygge. Or, for a bit of practicality, if you live in a cold climate. This handwoven blanket ties together the pinks of this palette, while adding in a minimal pattern that doesn’t feel distracting.

Ikea, But Make it Fashion

While the combination of blue and yellow has been semi-permanently conflated in our minds with our favorite Swedish big box retailer, the color duo is perfect in so many amalgamations. A more classic ink blue pairs beautifully with sunny golden tones, which are brought in via a woolen blanket and corduroy pillows. The contrast of materials—the duvet is a crisp linen, balancing out the heavier accessory fabrics—elevates this bedding combo.

Tropically Inspired

Keep summer going year round with this playful bedding pairing. This more saturated palette is great for maximalists and chroma-philes alike. Get in on the orange trend in a super manageable way with this burnt orange-toned duvet. Tiny dot detailing adds a bit of textural interest; more of that can be found in the linen throw pillow. The washed out shade of aqua expertly contrasts with the more lively orange.

As for the finishing touch, drape a patterned blanket over the bottom of your bed. This affordable striped option plays off the core colors of the bedding, adding dimension while still keeping to the overall theme of the palette.

Wine and Navy

Bring the drama with a deep-hued bedding palette. Rich jewel tones are a foolproof way to infuse elegance and sophistication; and with timeless choices like navy and burgundy, you’ll be getting use out of these pieces even if you decide to switch up your bedding in the future.

An abstract-printed throw blanket lightens the group thanks to its inclusion of a cream background. Elsewhere, navy throw pillows incorporate an added dimension of texture thanks to the barely-detectable chevron pattern. Add in a duvet in a dark wine color (one of our favorites for the season, by the way) for easy juxtaposition.

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