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Come fall, as the weather cools and we begin to embrace a cozier approach to making our beds, we turn to one tried-and-true technique that guarantees a well-made look: layering. The concept itself may seem easy enough but, throw in textures, contrasting colors, or a mixture of prints, and things can get tricky. We turned to Garnet Hill’s upcoming collection for a little inspiration in the form of autumn-friendly bedding and textiles. Here, a few of our expert-approved tips for layering your bedding with ease, while maintaining an approachable look you can recreate on the daily.


Start with a neutral base.

Nothing quite compares to clean, crisp, white bedding. When it comes to the basic set of sheets, stick to soft neutral tones to allow for a versatile foundation on which you can easily build upon with color and texture. Whites and delicate creams are ideal. Keep the sheets void of busy patterns or prints, reserving them for the duvets and throws.


Introduce color.

Here’s your opportunity to set the chromatic tone for the overall look. Introduce a pop of color through an unexpected element. We opted for a lightly textured top sheet in a moody shade of vintage indigo. Albeit it’ll remain mostly covered in the end, the sliver of it that show will impart the bedding with a dynamic finish.

Tie in pattern.

A neutral base, achieved by way of the sheets, provides flexibility to go bold with patterns and colors, when it comes to the duvet and shams. Here, the delicately patterned duvet cover boasts a reserved palette that complements our indigo top sheet, unifying the chromatic tone of the setting. A pair of coordinating shams go without saying.


Complete with texture

. Here is where the seasonally-charged decorative elements come in. Think along the lines of patterned quilts, cozy throws, and textured throw pillows—design components you can easily swap out and refresh. Drape a mohair throw at the foot of the bed and complete the look with an additional sham or throw pillow, which either embodies or complements the color scheme of the bedding.     To find your perfect bedding combination visit GarnetHill.com