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Zara Home Just Launched 370+ New Products—These Are the 5 We’re Buying

Our favorites are all slightly imperfect.
colorful glassware flatly

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It’s really true that the best things don’t necessarily come in large packages. Sometimes, finding decorative bliss is as simple as scoring the just-right little trinket to complete your bookshelf—and for that, allow us to point you in the direction of Zara Home’s spring collection. With 377 new items, from table linens to light fixtures, there’s plenty to choose from; though our favorite finds are the smallest. 

Between colorful glassware with irregular silhouettes and ceramics that look entirely handmade, these accents are a collector’s dream—you’d never be able to tell they came from a mass retailer. Pick up some stackable cups for your kitchen’s open shelving, or scour the hundreds of options for a vase to house all the fresh blooms you plan on buying as soon as warmer weather arrives. Whatever the case, these imperfect vessels look pretty perfect to us:

The Mini Bins

These purple glass boxes may just be the chicest storage we’ve ever seen, textured finish and all. Use them in the bathroom to corral Q-tips and cotton pads—your cluttered vanity will thank you.

The Wonky Vase

This irregular vessel may look like a decanter, but it would be a shame to leave it cooped up on your bar cart. Instead, display it as a stand-alone glass sculpture, or stick a couple sprigs of dried florals in it for a minimalist look. The melt effect alone is enough to make a statement. 

The Stoneware Objet

If you haven’t quite gotten your fix of the terracotta color trend, this (surprisingly large) planter is a strong addition to any collection. Keep it on your mantel with other similar materials to finish off the vignette. 

The Bathroom Set

Who says that utilitarian products have to look boring? We love these ceramic pieces with slightly unfinished edges for streamlining the look of a countertop. 

The Irreverent Vessel

No, you’re not seeing things: This vase does indeed have a series of buttons trailing up its side. Meant to resemble a shirt sleeve, this object is completely unexpected, so think outside the box with your flower arrangement. In other words, go wild with perfectly imperfect blooms. 

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