Published on December 6, 2019

As much as we love ceiling-grazing Christmas trees fully decked out in twinkly lights and vintage baubles, they’re not the most practical choice for everyone. First of all, they’re expensive. Not to mention the cleanup. If you’d rather take a more low-key approach, we have your back—or rather, Domino readers do. Over the past couple of years, we’ve noticed a renewed interest in bottlebrush trees across our social media channels (remember this Technicolor display?). Between repinning photos of fireplaces decked out in these tiny sculptures and sharing your own #SoDomino holiday setups, it’s clear that the love for this nontraditional take is here to stay. 

Sure, it’s a slightly retro look, but that’s part of the fun. Pick something brightly colored for a vibrant mantel upgrade or go for brushes in a muted hue for a little more elegance. Any way you spin it, this low-lift decorating idea is sure to inject a bit of playfulness into any corner. 

For a Miniature Forest

Anthropologie’s collection of conical trees is positively delightful—so why separate them? Buy the whole set and group them together atop a piano or bookshelf for a colorful display. 

For a Bold Vignette

Saturated jewel tones pack quite a punch, and these feathery bottlebrush trees will steal the show in any nook. Accessorize with gold or brass accents (maybe add a sculptural object or two into the mix) to amp up the drama. 

For a Bit of Tradition

It doesn’t get more classic than deep green. If your style errs on the side of minimalism, these tiny pieces are perfect for you. Bring the slightest pop of color to a mantel (each one is topped with “snow” for an added bit of winter wonderland–inspired whimsy), without compromising a neutral color palette. 

For an Otherworldly Look

Just try to convince us that these handmade creations don’t look like something straight out of Dr. Seuss. The fuzzy creations are a great way to squeeze a bit of holiday charm into a nursery or child’s room—though if your own vibe is on the whimsical side, why not pepper a couple of these around your living room. Your house, your rules. 

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