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2018 was the year we stepped outside of our decorative comfort zones. In lieu of the neutrally charged, Scandinavian-inspired interiors we’d become accustomed to, we saw a shift toward the boldly colorful and pattern-heavy. In short, it was all about maximalism.

Primary colors took the proverbial wheel, complemented by a saturated mix of patterns, which seamlessly work in tandem.

As we looked back at the living rooms that inspired us in the past year, we noticed a striking commonality between each one: a vibrant pop of yellow that immediately commands attention and creates a focal point.

With that in mind, we compiled a short list of the living rooms that embraced the hue in all its glory. Read on for the inspired ways you can bring it home—be it in big doses or subtle hints, we’ll leave that up to you.

In the office of our Summer 2018 cover girls, Cleo Wade and Elaine Welteroth, a captivating yellow sofa was set against an equally vibrant backdrop saturated with character. Eclectically layered patterns inspired intrigue while a slew of bold textures evoked the powerful personality of the dynamic duo.

A yellow sofa is a statement—and a bold one at that. Annabel Mehran designated it as the focal point of her color-fueled L.A. home, where pops of electric blue, green, and turquoise delicately balance out the vibrancy of the hue.

Lourdes Hernández’s Mediterranean-inspired cottage is filled to the brim with rich textiles, saturated hues, and plenty of patterns to boot. The real showstopper, though, can be found in the living room by way of the embroidered tiger rug, which complements the blush-toned sets with a fierce burst of character.

Photographer Thayer Gowdy’s rustic Cali abode proves that the often-dominant hue can be implemented in a mellow manner that’s just as impactful. Doubling up on the yellow, the sofa and matching rug seamlessly fold into the mango wood of the adjacent kitchen, resulting in a refined and serene finish.  

If subtlety is more your speed, take a page out of stylist Erin Walsh’s Brooklyn Heights home. The high-contrast finish of the classic black-and-white combo is pleasantly offset by vibrant pops of primary accents and plenty of fresh greens. Solid yellow throw pillows provide a sense of visual relief amid the eclectic mix of patterns found throughout.

A statement seat wouldn’t be a statement seat lest it came in an eye-catching pattern or color—Outdoor Voices founder Tyler Haney’s Austin home is a prime example of that. The curve of the lounge inspires an element of movement amid the otherwise-streamlined furnishings of the room.