Published on June 20, 2018

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Photography by The Pretty Blog

There is a myth, potentially perpetrated by landlords wanting to squelch their tenants’ design dreams, that a small space necessitates a stark white wall. And while there is something to be said for simplicity and minimalism making a room feel larger, a tiny home is no reason to pare back your creativity. Even the smallest of spaces can be packed with personality when you go big with wallpaper.

Need convincing? Here, our favorite small spaces nailing the bold wallpaper look, as proof that a teeny home doesn’t mean sacrificing your style.

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Photography by Ashley Petrone

We think a 180-square-foot RV is about as tiny and hard-to-style space as they come, and if this family can make room for wallpaper, anyone can. Given the open floor plan, blogger Ashley Petrone chose to incorporate a checkered pattern as an accent wall, which breaks up the space and create the illusion of separate rooms.

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Photography by Erin Williamson 

Designer erin williamson was actually tasked with creating four separate units inside one large Lake Austin vacation home, and to differentiate each space she relied on unique prints and color schemes. The wallpaper in this tiny kitchen—also the smallest of the units—is a modern take on the traditional cabin vibe. Black and white arrow prints blend in with the kitchen, playing off the black appliances, while still providing an unexpected pop of pattern.

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Photography by Convert Lofts via Love Chic Living

If your small space is made even trickier by asymmetrical architecture, a bold wallpaper print can help.  This pattern not only designates a specific area for the bed, but it also highlights the beautiful framing created by a sloped ceiling.  And with the natural surroundings, easily visible through the gorgeous skylight windows, a floral pattern seems especially appropriate.

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Photography by SEAN FENNESSEY

This petite sitting nook feels plenty light and airy with a modern organic print. The fact that the pattern leaves white space keeps it from looking too overwhelming—especially when juxtaposed with the already bold art print hanging in the back.

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Photography by MIA BAXTER

Could this closet be any more lovely or glamorous?  Lilac chinoiserie wallpaper is definitely a small space DO.

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Photography by Barker and Stonehouse Limited

Clearly defined alcoves, such as this window-side nook, are excellent places to play with extra busy patterns like a graphic mid-century modern-inspired print.

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Give a small entryway a pop of Scandinavian flair with a pattern in simple black and white. It feels perfectly rustic, especially when paired with wooden details.

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Photography by 2to5 Design

Consider continuing your wallpaper on up when ceilings are sloped.  With a pattern this lovely, why wouldn’t you want to cover as much as possible?

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When a small kitchen needs a big punch of style, palm leaf wallpaper cuts right to the chase, making the most of minimal square footage. Not to mention, the botanical print is always super on-trend.

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This lovely nook is proof that large patterns in tight spaces are a always a good idea. We love the complementary pink hues in the space.

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Create your own small staycation oasis with a tropical wall mural. Order yours in a custom size for the perfect fit.

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Many times, entryways are cramped and desperate for storage. This patterned wall is the direct opposite, instead feeling bright and inviting. And while these particular spots were actually created with paint, mimicking the look of a high-dollar wallpaper at a fraction of the budget, you can easily swap out the extra work for a pre-dotted wallpaper roll.

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Photography by DIANA RELTH

When there is literally zero wall space for paper, place yours on the ceiling instead. This celestial pattern gives guests a dreamy view and just the right amount of visual interest for a minimal space.

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Palm fronds are having a moment right now, and if we’ve learned anything from the Golden Girls, it’s that palm frond wallpaper is always a good idea—even in this small bathroom space.

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Photography by Clarke & Clarke

Even if you only have one wall to work with, matching bench cushions keep the flowers flowing and the mood radiant.

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Photography by Gaëlle Le Boulicaut

Wallpaper with this much drama gives a small kids’ space some fun feels. Who says nurseries have to be all pastels and creams?

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Photography by Deco Photo Blog

Who says large patterns only suit large spaces?  This kitchen nook looks plenty lovely in oversized florals.

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Photography by Genevieve Garruppo for Lonny

This modern print keeps an otherwise dark hallway from feeling too somber while updating the entire space—and we love the creativity in choosing the ceiling over the walls.

This story was originally published on July 14, 2016. It has been updated with new information.

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