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With Labor Day behind us—I hope you scored as big as I did on the holiday’s major sales—I’m beginning to feel all the feels about the temperatures dropping and the sun setting earlier. Rather than curl up with a cozy knit throw or turn on the teakettle, I’ll instead be living in denial and using my sunset projection lamp to elongate summer for as long as possible. The $19 pick-me-up was made famous on TikTok and really is worth the hype. 

As a native Californian, I know a good sunset when I see one. And even though I’m now a die-hard New Yorker, I’ll be the first to admit that the weather is far from perfect—and I’d buy anything to counteract that. 

I’m also a little neurotic about my lighting. I’ve lived in my Brooklyn apartment for close to a year now and have never once flipped the switch to my bedroom’s overhead. I’m all about accent lamps with a warm, soft glow.

The bulb casts an orange reflection onto your walls, projecting not just a local spotlight but a flood of artificial rays throughout the entire room. With a flexible base, the lamp can rotate a full 180 degrees to give even the ceiling a summery feel. On long WFH days when I need an extra boost of inspiration (but it’s too early for wine), I’ll put it on and instantly feel at ease. 

Rather than keeping the lamp in one designated area of the apartment, I’ve been moving it around to create Miami Beach–like golden hours wherever I’m hanging out. Some pricier options have features like remote-controlled color-changing abilities or an extendable base, but for now I’m happy basking in the literal glow of my TikTok–inspired purchase.