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14 things in taylor swift’s house that we want NOW

but we kind of want everything, tbh.

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We were thrilled to hear that Vogue’s next 73 Questions subject was Taylor Swift! We’ve been fans of her decor choices for awhile, and couldn’t wait for a closer peek inside her California home. Throughout the video, Tay takes us on a tour of her entryway, writing room (that’s what we’re calling it), dining room, kitchen, and backyard. Read on to find out which items really stood out to us, and watch her 73 Questions video, too!

First of all, we really love her photos framed in gold with black matting. It’s a combination we’ll try ASAP, and a fresh change from too-frequently used color combinations. .

Trying to get over for a moment that there’s a GRAMMY BEHIND HER, we also love her adorable pink loveseat, perfectly poised to let friends listen in as she composes at the piano. (This is a great room, btw).

Moon man. We want a moon man. You hear that, MTV? Until then we’re absolutely digging up 3rd grade track and field trophies and placing them ever so nonchalantly next to our coffee setup.

We absolutely love Taylor’s brass fixtures. It’s rare that a sink takes center stage in a kitchen, but we can’t take our eyes off this one! This highly functional center island is probably where Tay & squad prep fun, highly exclusive dinner parties for each other. That happens, right?

We have a thing for ovens with red knobs, k?

We love how Taylor chose a dark paint color for her back door to the patio area. This provides a nice contrast to the primarily light walls, and gives the room kind of a farmhouse feel, where a white door might feel a little too matchy.

So two things. First, why don’t we have orange trees just casually hanging out in our backyards? And second, if you watch this entire video, Taylor has some really choice options for outside seating!

What is this bike? We must have it now.

This is such a cozy space, we’d feel really comfortable around these highly personal furnishings, but what really stands out to us is the cool console table Taylor has placed behind her chair. It’s not so big as to steal the spotlight from the (amazing) fireplace on the next slide, but it’s just big enough to hold a few of her favorite things.

See? This fireplace is everything. We’re suckers for a good tile pattern, you know?

Oh hello there globe light, we see you! (And yes, on the wall that’s a framed inside quote between Taylor and her boyf, Calvin Harris aka Adam Wiles). It reads “You have successfully buried yourself in side my head. 2/26/15.”

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