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new nate berkus for target! yes, we (still) want everything

new ideas for affordable warm weather style.

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Don’t act like the Nate Berkus section isn’t the first thing you aim your shopping cart toward when you walk into Target. We know, we do the same thing. Every season, Mr. Berkus continues to delight us with furniture, accents, and accessories that allow us to affordably transform our spaces, or maybe just add a little something that was missing. His Summer 2016 collection is no exception, and reminds us with each piece just how nice it will be to bring the outside in (and vice versa) when the weather warms up. Click through to explore the collection!

First up, those boring glass vases can’t even sit with these guys. Warm weather blooms beg to hang out in something a bit more interesting.

Don’t tell anyone you didn’t previously have a gold rhino. We won’t say a word, it’ll be like it was always there…

A beautifully intriguing ceramic vessel to catch what needs catching on your bedside table.

Simple, but not basic, ceramic accents lend a little bit of elegance to your tabletop or dresser.

The sweetest little statement-making ceramic bowls are practically begging to serve as catch-alls for your music festival jewelry.

Have you ever wanted twelve of something so badly in your life? This ceramic agave figure needs to spend the summer at our place.

Tea lights get a new look for nights on the patio. Add some ceviche and chilled tequila, perhaps? We can almost see the sunset…

Awesome accents for a desktop. If Dad’s workspace is looking a bit grim, grab a few fun items and make over his desk for Father’s Day!

Napkin rings and serving baskets add a rustic touch to the table.

In terms of trays, rope might win out over lucite this season. We can imagine a sweet and simple breakfast in bed arriving on one of these some sunny morning…

Colorful accent stools serve as seating when you need it, and style when you don’t. We’d group a pair of these under an entryway console, what about you?

Side table chic that looks really cool as a coffee table replacement, when you pair two together.

A woven side table adds a rustic touch to your otherwise prim, polished room.

Not a big fan of the woven look? You can achieve the same effect from a wooden side table with a bit of edge.

We’d take this tote to the beach one day, and use it to store a summer reading stash another.

A detailed pillow pair to perk up the patio furniture when guests come over for cocktail hour.

We love how Nate Berkus manages to perfectly blend details and fabrics so that mixing and matching from his collection is effortless.

This particular pair is one we’d leave out all year! Maybe a few good guest bed toppers?

If your al fresco tablescapes have been looking a little lean, start with a runner and work your way up, you’ll be surprised how much easier things come together.

We like how this embossed lamp adds a little bit of unexpected to a room. We’d even add this to a

gender neutral nursery

that could benefit from a fun print.

This etched tabletop lamp really, really wants to be invited to your first outdoor dinner party.

Beautiful structure and metallic hues mean these minimalist desktop heroes want to come to the office with you. (You can give that standard-issue lamp back to HR).

Mirrors can be embroidered, k? We’d certainly welcome this one in an entryway above a clear console, wouldn’t you?

This is, without question, the cutest tape dispenser on Earth. Brave enough to take it to the office? Keep an eye on it, lest it…flies away.

Another great example of desktop essentials being far more attractive than they need to be. We’re okay with it!

Make the most of an early wake up call by having this elegant, brushed metallic beauty to greet you. It’s okay if you need a cup of coffee first to fully appreciate the design.

Because yes, sometimes we still get letters, and this gold beauty will open them far more stylishly than clawing at envelopes with a chipped manicure ever could.

Coloring books are team domino’s favorite way to (creatively) relax. We love the idea of this slim pouch to keep our colored pencils corralled.

If we have to pick a favorite piece (and it’s tough) it would be this unbelievably cool file for hanging folders. We’d invent things to start filing just to have this hanging out at work. (An incredible way to organize family docs, too)!

Just look at it one more time, appreciate its beauty.

If roommate mail pile is reaching unmanageable levels, get smart and stash magazines, birthday cards, and yes bills in a far more organized, and certainly more visually appealing way.

A magnetic chalkboard sign that we have a feeling you’ll put to several good uses. This might make the most chic weeknight dinner menu display we’ve seen yet…

Store stuff cuter. That’s all we have to say.

We’ve yet to meet a surface that wasn’t made better by the addition of a tray or two. These affordable finds are a great way to play with textures and metallics, where many lucite options can be a bit too pricey.

Bathroom essentials that make a strong argument for taking things out of their original packaging…

It’s almost like a basic round vanity mirror will never satisfy us again. This sincerely chic hexagon shape is all we want from now on. Thanks. (Not available yet–but soon)!

During summer, season of the camp counselor clipboard, we can’t help but feel a little jealous. Many thanks to Mr. Berkus for letting us in on the fun.

Don’t mind her, she’s just the cutest shower curtain in the entire world, ever. No big deal.

Fresh, fun towels for summer are one of the easiest ways to make your bathroom feel like an entirely new space. One of the strongest arguments for an all-white bathroom, new accents are easy to add, and textiles easy to swap out.

And suddenly we need all new bathmats…

Like, a lot of new bathmats. Those of us in small apartments with one bathroom only will just need to work out some sort of rotation system. Cool?

If your shag rug has seen better days, swap this one in for a fresh update that still maintains neutral, minimalist vibes. And yes, you can layer it over a jute rug. Totally cool.

Area rugs to beautifully accommodate all the extra foot traffic around the house during seasons that are far more social.

We want to see how you’re styling your new Nate Berkus for Target finds! Follow us on Instagram, tag us and use #SOdomino to show us how you’re expressing your style through interior design this summer.