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From the rather extensive list of design tricks we picked up over the years, there have been a select few that have managed to stand the test of time. Decorating ideas, designer-approved tips, and endless pages of inspiration were the fundamental makings of each and every issue of domino. Here, we rounded up just a small handful of our favorite stories, which have proven to stay relevant to this day. See for yourself.

written by   ANNA KOCHARIAN

on entertaining

We love the idea of utilizing the everyday for alternate purposes, especially when in a pinch!


Perfume vials, upcycled bottles, and vintage cans make for rather chic alternatives to vases, even when entertaining!

on decorating with pink

Who doesn’t love a good shade of pink? Having been dubbed one of the colors of 2016, it’s no secret that this sweet blush tone is one we can’t help to love.


A dusty green paint for the baseboard effortlessly complements a soft pink wall, while furnishings of a white and wood composition establish a dynamic layer atop.

on renovating

Tried and true lessons learned from the renovator’s handbook: a good DIY never goes out of style. Especially one as seasonally-appropriate as this.


You can upgrade rusty, old outdoor chairs into colorful and chic accent pieces by powder-coating them in a fresh paint.

on making the most of a tiny space

In a space lacking ample square footage, furnishings with multiple points of functionality are key.


A bookshelf doubles as a stylish room divider while still allowing plenty of light to circulate throughout the studio!

on creating the perfect centerpiece

Off-white florals are paired with dusty roses and faded greens to create a delicately vibrant centerpiece.


To establish the effect of an abundant display, tie the arrangement at the stems using a string, and evenly snip off the ends, allowing the bouquet to flow.

on the perfect, after-dinner cheese course

Whether it’s pre-dinner, post, or during, there’s never a bad time for a cheese course. However, when it comes down to navigating the actual plate, things can get a bit intimidating.


Incorporate a slew of flavors, ranging from mild to sharp, to provide a more robust selection that isn’t too overwhelming. Psst! Serving cheese at room temperature also helps accentuate the flavor!

on outdoor spaces

If you ask us, the perfect outdoor space entails a lush surround of vibrant greens, and cozy spots earmarked for lounging and entertaining.


The stones of this outdoor space are laid out in an hourglass shape, to instill the illusion of surrounding plants “spilling” into the area!

on bookshelf styling

It’s been over a decade and yet, bookshelves which are arranged by color manage to stay a major trend!


Not only do arranging books by color impart a more soothing aesthetic, it also keeps shelves from feeling too chaotic.

on versatile bar carts

Rolling bar carts have long been decorating staples, with their flawless versatility and effortless style. Whether they’re used to house a collection of spirits, or double as additional storage for the kitchen, it’s hard to deny the bar cart’s sheer sensibility!


These space-saving pieces can seamlessly translate from room to room, and within an array of occasions.

on finding the best layout for a room

Whether you’re an entertainer or more of the quiet type, it’s important to set up your dining room in a layout that best complements your lifestyle.


Not big on having guests? Transform your dining room into a shared space that also incorporates a living room!

on decorating with secrets of the trade

From clever painting tricks to bringing in the unusual, Steven Gambrel’s tips never ceased to please our design-loving hearts.


In lieu of installing expensive moldings in a room, opt for a subtly contrasting paint to double as a trim instead!