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Serving your entryway as a coat rack or simply extending an over-flowing closet, who couldn’t benefit from a little extra storage? Especially storage as chic and streamlined as this!

Baskets make for excellent storage vessels all the while managing to keep style in mind with functionality. Consider them the ultimate fix for a cluttered space.

A cozy landing pad that comes in a vibrant color palette, plus an equally impressive design, is more or a less a staple for the living space.

Lighting, or the lack of, has the ability to affect the finalized aesthetic of a space. No space would be complete without at least one form of

statement lighting

, and this copper clad piece is definitely the one you need.

Every curated shelf or bookcase deserves a unique slew of decorative accents, aimed at elevating the overall design. These inspired pieces will undoubtedly lend a chic and dynamic layer to your shelf space.

Cheeky cocktail napkins are a must for the entertainer. Bonus points if they come with witty phrases!

As far as wastebaskets go, they tend to skew more towards the utilitarian side. Here, we’re all for reinventing the standard trash can with a bit more of a style-focused twist.

Whether they’re purely decorational or actually functional, take a more artisanal approach to your culinary accessories. These wood and copper measuring cups are at the top of our list.

Say what you will, but we’ll never tire of a good palm print and the radiating effect it has on a room.

The one thing we love most about this piece? Its sheer versatility and ability to function in just about any situation at home. Prop it up by the tub to house your bath essentials, set it sofa-side to double as a side table, or simply use it as a decorative piece. The possibilities are endless!

Fine ceramics that can double as decor are always a plus in our books. Invest in a special piece that can have the potential to elevate your decor scheme, and (as always) don’t forget to pair it with an equally stunning arrangement!

Whether they’re used for breakfasts in bed, or simply as a method of controlling the chaos that is a cluttered console, trays are one of few decorative essentials no home should be without. We’re loving the playful colors of this mod trio!

We would be hard-pressed to find a domino fan sans at least one piece of art in their home! Not only is it an easy way to bring in color and personality to a space, it also provides the walls with a more complete finish.

We’re head over heels for this whimsical tumbler! An entertainer’s essential, no bar cart – or dinner party for that matter – should be without it.

No sofa is complete sans a chic throw lazily draped across its end. Consider it as an effortlessly easy way to impart a furnishing with a bonus layer of color and texture.

Your stack of coffee table books can say a lot about you, so finding the right bunch is key. As we bid farewell to the warmer months, a gentle reminder of all that is summer will surely find its way to our living rooms.

A minimalist piece that goes well above and beyond its intended use, contributing a one-of-a-kind feel to the space it occupies.

Every good coffee table has a signature scent. One that comes in an iconic case or bold design is surely a no-brainer for us.