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We’re used to seeing Leanne Ford on camera on her HGTV show, but lately, she’s been exploring a new platform for sharing clips of her decorating know-how. The Los Angeles–based designer and new mom is the latest celebrity to join the video-centric social media app TikTok, and while it’s only been a week and a half since Ford created an account, her feed is already peppered with smart DIY ideas.

In a series of 15-second-long videos, the pro walks through a variety of low-lift refreshes, like how to upgrade a rattan chair with spray paint, what to do with your miscellaneous trinkets, and why there really are no rules for displaying large-scale art. The hacks are simple, sweet, and budget-friendly. 

Haven’t hopped on the TikTok bandwagon just yet? Here are three design tricks we learned after binge-watching Ford’s feed. 

Decorate the Fireplace Like You Would the Dining Table 

“Just because the weather is warm doesn’t mean your fireplace needs to be boring,” Ford shares in one video. She goes on to suggest three different ways to fill a temporarily empty (or just nonfunctioning) fireplace. 

Option number one: Paint a few leftover logs white and display them as you normally would (just don’t burn them!). For a more avant-garde approach, use the nook to showcase art, ceramics, and flowers just as you would a shelf or tabletop. Or you can go the simplest route and fill up the space with a few breezy ferns.   

The Best Statement Light Fixtures Cost Less Than $100

Ford’s personal mantra when it comes to lighting? “The bigger the better.” For an easy light fixture that’s chic and affordable, all you need is an oversize paper lantern and a cord kit, she suggestsPut the two together and voilà! 

Pitchers Aren’t Just for Large-Batch Drinks

Your favorite water jug isn’t just for lemonade. “Use it all day, every day, by turning it into a pretty little vase,” shares Ford. Head out to the yard, cut a few oversize branches, and fill the vessel to your liking. 

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