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by Lidia Ryan

A style that in the 1950s and 60s was a nod to a bright future of space travel and new technology is now a retro look that’s back en vogue in a big way. We’re talking about Mid-Century Modern.

If you’re thinking of incorporating the look in your home, there’s no better place to look for inspiration than the mecca of Mid-Century Modern homes: Palm Springs, California.

Real estate site, Zillow, recently featured a brand new house built in Palm Springs that is the ultimate homage to the Mid-Century Modern homes of yore. Here’s what we learned from this house.

Pay homage to the era with space-age seating. Think about what the Jetson’s might sit in.

Nothing says Mid-Century modern like teak wood. If your house doesn’t have any, incorporate it with some groovy teak furniture.

This look is all about playing with shapes. Soften up sharp lines with round orb lights.

In this glass house, the Palm Springs landscape serves as natural wallpaper. If you don’t have palm trees in your yard, bring some inside.

In sunny Palm Springs, the pool area is just as important as any room in the house. Make your yard feel like home with comfy seating and a cozy fireplace.

Cool down a desert setting with tempting pool photos you’ll wish you could jump right into.

If you don’t live in Palm Springs, bring the desert inside with baby succulents. They’re cute and low-maintenance.

A little kitsch goes a long way, and there’s nothing more kitsch than pink flamingos. Have some fun with flamingo accents.

Bold color-block art gives off a retro vibe. Try some on your walls or mix and match colorful throw pillows.

Mid-Century Modern is all about sleek furniture and clean lines. Break that up a little with plush textiles like shag rugs and fur pillows.

Don’t be afraid of bright colors. The teal doors in this sitting room take the space from practical to whimsical.