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25 things we learned when damsel in dior redid her house

major interior inspo ahead.

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California-based blogger Jacey Duprie, better known by fans as Damsel in Dior, has been teasing us for months with her #homesweetdamsel Instagram posts. But her home is finally (almost one-hundred percent) completed and she’s been sharing an endless amount of photos of her new dreamy interior. While this space is a minimalist’s dream come true, no matter your taste in decor, there are lessons we can all take from her tasteful, trend-wise decorating.

Everything (we mean EVERYTHING) about this kitchen is perfection.

The right tile can transform a room. And a little green in the bathroom good.

White on white on white works.

Accessorize a neutral color palette with (sometimes hidden) pops of color.

A cute planter will make your cactus (or succulent) feel special.

It’s okay to let your beloved pets have the run of the house.

Put your bath in your shower… Because, why not?

If you’re going to splurge on one thing, make it a custom closet.

This tufted ottoman is the perfect update to the pouf.

Choose bedding that is SO comfortable you won’t ever want to leave.

Make your bath your sanctuary.

Choose your tile wisely.

Cozy slippers are a must.

Opt for this minimalist console style sink for an updated look.

Have a place for all your odds and ends.

Remember, muted pastels are neutrals too! And rugs are a vital element in any room.

Speaking of rugs, shag carpet is making a comeback—in the form of large area rugs.

You can never have too many side tables.

Opt for glass cabinet doors to showcase your beautiful dish collection.

Make your guest bathroom just as luxurious as your master bath.

Break the rules and mix wood stains—it’s one of our favorite trends.

Accessorize your home with mirrors and pretty prints (ideally of the Gray Malin variety).

Lighting is everything.

It’s okay to keep a consistent color palette throughout the house.

Choose a coffee table cool enough to spark conversation.

Alyssa Clough


Alyssa is a Brooklyn-based maximalist and vintage addict who is always on the hunt for something—a new piece of collage art, more plant babies, yet another ceramic vessel, you get the picture. Obsessions include bold accent walls, living a sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle, and supporting female artists and makers. Find her on Instagram ignoring her phone’s screen time alerts.