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by Michelle Gage

Office meets bedroom in this cozy space. For an efficient way to fit a larger desk into a smaller sleeping space, tuck it into the corner and adjust your bed’s positing accordingly.

For a guest room that hosts more than just guests, this chic little office set up fits the bill. Make the room feel livelier by adding in a

gallery wall

of art.

Kitchens tend to be the hub of a family’s home. To make yours extra functional, add in a desk for homework completing and bill paying.

Adults and children alike can enjoy this toy-filled space. This playful room allows for little and big kids to get lost in their wildest imaginations.

Masterfully combine both baby room and play by utilizing the perimeter of the space. Keeping the color palette cheerful and optimistic makes this the zone little ones will never want to leave, perfect for when playtime ends and bedtime begins.

Even when space is tight, no one dreams of dining at the coffee table. By moving the sofa set up closer to the television, you can gain enough room to accommodate a narrow dining set.

This colorful living room does double duty well. By effortlessly including a small set up, you aren’t sacrificing any valuable living space.

Library and dining room combine beautifully to create this formal reading and eating zone. Here, you can pull up with either a good book or a good dinner and have a comfortable night in.

Both guest and baby will sleep soundly in this sooth space. Navy walls help to sophisticate the space, as opposed to sticking with nursery-themed pastel blues and pinks.

When you’re short on space but have a desire to craft, give your laundry room some thought. Space saving cabinetry help to maximize the function of this dual purpose room.