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by Marni Fogelson

Make furniture multitask

Tiny house dwellers are experts at making a bed function as a de facto lounge area or using a small dining table as a daytime desk. Pick furniture that folds up and away or at least has multiple functions.

Maximize and rethink every available space

Beds are for lying down on anyway, right? The owners of this tiny place could have used this attic-like space for storage, but putting a bed there gives it a cozy, snuggly feel and frees up room on the first floor.

Incorporate as much natural lighting as you can

Using skylights and opening window shades and curtains (or removing them entirely) lets the sun shine in and reduces the need for space-hogging floor lamps and lighting fixtures.

Leave some empty space in the center of the room

In tiny houses, a little blank space is necessary so that people can actually walk and maneuver around. Even if you live in more spacious dwellings, resisting the urge to add unnecessary tables, chairs, or other pieces of furniture will open up the room and make it appear bigger.

Make incorporated storage your BFF

Take advantage of the many chic, unobtrusive options for storage units that are built into or slip under beds, benches, and cabinets. Plus, having storage already incorporated into the furniture already means there’s less of a need for baskets and boxes lying around.

Choose sleek and modern designs

Clean, unfussy lines can help to streamline the look of your home. In large mansions, minimal design can translate into a cold ambiance, but it makes smaller areas appear more spacious and less cluttered.

Sneak in your furniture necessities

If you work from home or like an organized area for bill pay, having an actual desk is often necessary and wise. Choosing a wall-mounted option frees up extra space below and can be tucked into a corner.

Consider multiuse rooms

Who says you have to have separate rooms for eating/hanging out/sleeping? The room featured here is used as the guest room, dining room, and a studio space. Careful planning and plenty of storage make the arrangement feel effortless and perfectly suited for each use.

Add little spots of style

Take a page from the

tiny house decorating

book and add small splashes of color or patterns in unexpected places. They add fun visual elements without overwhelming smaller spaces.

Keep the clutter to an absolute minimum

Having a tiny house or perhaps just pretending you do will encourage you to purge regularly, keeping only what you absolutely can’t part with. As for those things you truly can’t live without, find artistic ways to stack and arrange them in out-of-the-way places.

Do a mirror magic trick

Mirrors add depth to spaces as well as reflect light. Placing them around your space will make it magically appear larger and also provide an alternative to hogging the bathroom for make-up touchups or outfit consultations.

Put secret storage in your stairs

Whoever first came up with these types of stairs deserves a big high-five. Why don’t all houses have these functional steps, perfect for storing  the random stuff that accumulates in our lives as well as basic and emergency supplies like flashlights and batteries?

Store what you don’t need up and away

We love how this tiny house owner stored various baskets of goods out of reach and out of sight. For tax paperwork, sentimental memorabilia, or extra towels or toiletries that don’t need to be literally on hand, this arrangement keeps spaces tidy and takes advantage of often underused vertical storage spaces.

Choose quality details for maximum impact with minimal investment

One of the benefits of tiny houses is that you can splurge on luxury details since you don’t have to buy large quantities of hardwood, tile, or other materials. Even if you live in bigger digs, you can pick certain areas or rooms for embellishments like handcrafted fixtures or specially stained shelving that will change the look without a total room redo.

Make appliances disappear

Hiding bulky appliances away is more than half the battle when it comes to banishing countertop clutter. Unless you use it multiple times a day, stow away your blender or mixing bowl for a clean, composed look.