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Not so fast tiny apartment dweller. You’re somehow under the impression you can’t host a party at your place without a proper dining room. Think again—you totally can and it’s much easier than you think. Read along for 5 tips on hosting in your small space (even if you’re convinced) it’s the smallest apartment in the world.

Make your coffee table work as a dining table Whether you have a bistro table in your space or decided you’d rather have room to walk when you’re in the kitchen, let your coffee table do the work for one night. Pull around some chairs and set a nice floral arrangement, light some candles, and decorate with fun name cards for a cozy table setting.

Serve the food in places OTHER than the kitchen No, we don’t mean to make your dinner a scavenger hunt, we simply mean to get creative with where you serve up the food. If you have a credenza that acts as a mantle, place the food atop of it. If you have an actual fireplace (lucky you), place the desserts on top for a fun destination to grab holiday treats.

Transform your living room into a movie lounge Hosting in the living room means one thing: binging on movies after dinner. WINS, y’all. Spruce up your (dining) space with large throw pillows and comfy blankets to easily grab when food coma sets in and hot cocoa is in order.

Display the menu in a space everyone can see You and all your girlfriends probably already have a group text about the food that’s going to be served at your party—they’re so excited!— but, a foolproof way to make your space feel like a cozy restaurant for one night is with a crafty sign. It adds character to your space and you’ll be thankful to not get asked “…so what kind of soup was that again?”

Set the self timer on LOCK One of the best things about using your living room as a makeshift dining room is all of the creative places you get to take selfies. You think we’re joking. A dining room table is usually too low to get everyone in the photo anyway, BUT by making your TV stand the perfect spot for a group selfie, not only do you get lasting memories in return, you allow creativity to come through in photos—meaning things can get nice and weird. (See above.)

P.S: For anyone wondering, this photo was taken in a tiny (500 square feet) NYC living room, despite what it seems.