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If there’s one thing every home should have, good lighting is it. Regardless of natural lighting – or the lack of – it’s important to have a reliable source of light in every room of the house. Entries, closets, and pantries included! We sat down with Gale Singer, Founder of Circa Lighting, to learn a bit more about the key to finding the right lighting for every spot in your home, Take a look!

THE GENERAL RULE OF THUMB ON LIGHTING From a purely technical aspect, take the area of the room and appoint one watt of lighting for each square foot. Meaning, for a 400-square-foot room, one would need 400 watt lighting.

what’s the ideal form of lighting for…

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The Bedroom Counting on one source of lighting to fill an entire room can prove to be tricky, especially in the more commonly used areas such as the kitchen, bedroom, or living room.

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The Bathroom

Overhead lighting

above the mirror is best for most smaller bathrooms. In a master bath, sconces by each side of the mirror is key.

The bedroom is an area where ambient lighting is key, much like the living room or den. One overhead light source – in an appropriate size, respective to the area of the room – is a great place to start. Additional pieces of a lower wattage could be found on a nightstand, or mounted on a wall with a swing-arm functionality, for those who prefer their bedside tables decked to the minimum.

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The Livingroom Start off with a set of basic flush mounts with dimmer capabilities. Pair them with table lamps, preferably ones with shades, for a softer setting reserved for the evenings. Sitting in a room with strong overhead lighting is not the most comfortable aesthetic.

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The Bathroom Overhead lighting above the mirror is best for most smaller bathrooms. In a master bath, sconces by each side of the mirror is key.

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The Diningroom The most important factor to take into consideration when selecting lighting for a dining room, is the type and size of the dining table. For a longer table, consider two equidistantly installed pendants, or a more linear piece that spans along the center of the table.

Traditionally, when working with a chandelier, consider the size of the table and opt for one with a diameter that is 20 inches less than the width of the table. The base of the chandelier should be at least 5 feet from the floor, though slightly higher for dining rooms with relatively higher ceilings.

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The Kitchen Ample forms of lighting are crucial for the kitchen. Aside from the main source, there should be additional installations above the high-traffic work areas, such as an island, as well as directly below the cabinets. Since the kitchen happens to be such a task-heavy room, the more lighting there is, the better the space looks and feels.

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The Entryway Consider the lighting for an entryway or foyer as the focal point of the room. Finding a flattering source of light in this area is heavily dependant on the size and shape of the space. For an entry with a height that spans along two-stories, a pendant or chandelier is the perfect fit. However, keep the drop of the pendant in mind, ensuring that the front door can properly open and close, without coming into contact with the light.

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What’s The Proper Way To Light A Closet? Flush mounts and recessed lighting are great options for closets – the latter being a more affordable alternative – especially for spaces that scale on the smaller size. For walk-in closets that contain an island for storage, try installing a compact chandelier above, for a chic and decorative touch.

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