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We asked, and thousands of you answered. In case you missed last night’s Instagram post, we turned to our followers to find out which

popular home decor

trend should stick around forever: A)

subway tile

B) Millennial Pink, or C) Plants on Plants. So before you start planning to incorporate one of these three trends into your home for the summer, we recommend that you take a peek at our surprising results.

According to our readers, there are in fact, two trends that deserve to stick around: the monochromatic subway tile wall-trend and plants on plants for every room of the house, with plants taking a slight lead (at our last tally, there were 375+ votes for plants and 350+ for subway tile). As for millennial pink, or the hue that seemed like it was going to take over the world, readers hoped to see an end to its popularity—as reflected by its unfortunate number of votes (less than 100).

We also can’t ignore our group of readers who chose to create their own option: D) All of the Above. So while there’s no doubt that Domino readers prefer plants and subway tiles over the millennial hue, there is still a decent majority of readers who are hoping that none of these trends have to fade away (even pink). What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.