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Bringing the great outdoors into your office is more intimidating than it seems. But you don’t have to resort to silk flowers and fake bonsai tree to brighten up your cubicle. And you most definitely don’t have to have a subscription to the flower of the month club or wait until someone sends a bouquet for that promotion for high quality flowers. Plants aren’t only aesthetically beneficial, they also decrease stress, are air purifiers, and mood boosters. The best part: Having a green thumb isn’t necessary when it comes to keeping this foliage alive. Ferns serve their purpose, but here’s a compilation of some chicer options for indoor greenery. Whether you’ve got the corner office, or you’re practically in the utility closet, there’s a plant that will thrive in almost any workspace.


The peperomia plant is a great way to brighten your indoor display thanks to its deep green, shiny leaves and easy-to-care-for reputation. This is another plant that does best in bright indirect sunlight, but can flourish just as well under your office’s harsh fluorescent bulbs. Plus, overwatering is the number one reason people kill these plants, so if you’re more prone to forgetting to give your plants a drink, you can rest assured this one will be okay until you remember.

Arrowhead Plant

These hearty green plants go by lots of different names: arrowhead vine, American evergreen, five fingers, and nephthytis—but no matter what you call it, they’re some the best for low-light situations. Perfect for a cubicle environment, they don’t require a ton of attention and are able to prosper under artificial light. Not to mention their large green and white “arrowhead” leaves are super pretty.


This succulent thrives in arid climates, so make sure to give it as much natural light as possible. Bonus: Aloe acts as a homeopathic ointment for work related injuries, like paper cuts.

Snake Leaf Plant

Snake leaves aren’t very thirsty, so it’s best to leave them in the sunlight and water them as little as possible—especially in the winter. That shouldn’t be hard to do if you’re planning on heading home for the holidays.

Christmas Cactus

Don’t be fooled by the name, Christmas Cacti are in season year round. Keeping the Christmas Cactus alive is a cinch, but getting it to bloom requires a little extra TLC. This prickly plant likes cold temps, which makes an over air conditioned office home sweet home.

Parlor Palm

These feathering fronds are the next best thing to growing an actual palm tree at your desk. Since Parlor Palm’s are partial to humidity, it’s best to give them a spritz of water a couple of times a week. Keep them in away from sunlight to avoid the leaves from turning brown.

Peace Lily

Not all houseplants are without flowers. Peace Lily leaves start to droop when it’s time for a watering so you don’t even have to set a reminder on your phone. It’s also an air purifier that doesn’t require sunlight.


Pick a small cactus, like the sea urchin or bishops cap, if you’re planning on keeping it at your desk. Watering once or twice a month is sufficient, but make sure the cactus has a teaspoon of fertilizer in its pot.

Air Plant

More than anything, air plants need a stylish living space like a hanging terrarium. With over 650 types of air plants, the hardest part about owning one is choosing which type to take home. Lightly mist them a couple of times a week and make sure they’re getting exposure to ample air circulation.


Orchids need to be watered once a week, but it’s okay if you forget every once in awhile. They also need about six-hours of sunlight so prop them up near a window if possible. An artificial light will work just fine if window adjacent real estate is limited.

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