Everything in Our Kit for New Plant Parents Is on Amazon

The only five starter tools you need.

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Search our site for stories on plants and you’ll find more than 1,400 results. So it’s safe to say that Team Domino is obsessed with our leafy friends. That said, each of us knows the heavy responsibility that new plant parenthood can bring. The initial dopamine rush of purchasing a jungle’s worth of gorgeous greenery soon wears off once the duty of daily care sets in. 

While keeping each of your plants happy will require a bit of research (aka Googling) and experimentation, when it comes to gear, we’ve got you covered. We reached out to our friends at NYC’s coolest new plant shop, Rooted, to find out which tools every new plant parent needs to get started (plus, its current favorite plants). Each item is a winner in the functionality, durability, and aesthetic departments, and, best of all, can be picked up on Amazon.

The Tools

A Stainless Steel Watering Can

The first step to a stress-free watering routine is a watering can attractive enough to keep out as a visual reminder (poke the top two inches of soil to check if your plant needs a drink). Rooted recommends this one for it’s pleasing shape, easy-pour spout, and rust-free stainless steel material.

A Continuous Spray Mister

While this product was originally designed for hair salons, Rooted suggests its continuous-spray functionality for keeping leaves happy. If your plant is naturally suited to a humid climate like a jungle or forest (ferns, yes; cacti, no), then a little misting every few days (in the morning or at night) will be welcome.

A Stainless Steel Hand Trowel

An essential tool in the repotting process, you will need this hand trowel for scooping soil, unsticking root-bound plants, and generally getting your hands dirty. This all–stainless steel number is sturdy, easy to wash, and will match your slick watering can.

An Indoor Repotting Tarp

Speaking of repotting, those of us who have attempted the process in a small apartment can tell you that it gets messy. Instead of scrambling for newspapers or food wrap, use a tarp to keep the chaos contained. After you’re finished, the waterproof design is easy to wash and folds up for compact storage.

Japanese Butterfly Shears

While many of us see plants primarily as living sculpture, make no mistake: A plant’s mission is to grow. In order to channel your greenery’s new growth or trim away unhealthy bits, you’ll need dedicated pruning shears (your kitchen scissors could carry foreign bacteria—yikes!). These Japanese-style ones are small but mighty.

Rooted’s Favorites:

ZZ Plant

“The ZZ plant is one of the most resilient yet beautiful plants out there. It can survive without water for weeks on end and in almost any light condition.” 

Bird’s-Nest Fern

“The bird’s-nest fern gets its name from the fuzzy rosette where new egg-shaped fronds unfurl. Keep it away from direct sunlight and in higher humidity locations. A windowed bathroom is the ideal!” 

Chinese Money Plant

“The Chinese money plant is pet friendly and easy for beginners with bright spaces throughout the day. Make sure you rotate it a half-turn after every watering so the leaves grow symmetrically!”

“Mint Thing” Cactus

“Low maintenance, drought friendly, and thrives in bright or direct light. If you have southern or western exposure and are looking for something hardy, this is the one.”