Published on April 3, 2020

Why settle for one pattern when you can have six? Or 10? There’s a way to incorporate all your favorite drawings into one space, and it’s a surprisingly easy DIY: Consider the collage wall. Somewhere between micro-tiling and patchwork wallpaper sits this fun idea, and the best part is it’s entirely customizable. 

We would try it out on a smaller corner in need of some TLC, like a reading nook or an entryway wall. The beauty of the style is that you can fashion it out of pretty much anything: an old book whose pages still inspire, for example, or maybe a few vintage botanical prints you’ve been trying to use. You get the same visual effect as you would with bold wallpaper, but without the commitment—after all, if you grow tired of it, you can quickly take down the pages. They’re usually just taped on. 

For anyone on the hunt for an innovative fix for bland white walls, we’d start by checking out these inspiring spaces, below.

The Indoor Jungle

green dresser and plants in front of floral-print wallpaperPin It
Courtesy of Annie Sloan

Lush plants and an equally verdant antique dresser nicely complement the flower-covered walls in this Annie Sloan–designed vignette. Each leafy page is different and breaks up the green theme with bright yellows, pinks, and purples. Pitted against a darker wood floor, the contrast is especially striking. 

The Iconic Artwork

Look closely: This hallway is made up entirely of sheets from The John Derian Picture Book. When it comes to inspiration, there really is no better option—Derian even encourages people to buy his book specifically for the purpose of turning it into wallpaper. Why relegate his work to a coffee-table accessory when you could be surrounding yourself with paintings of flora and fauna? 

The Mixed-Medium Gallery

blue powder room with sketches hung on the wallPin It
Photography by Skye Parrott; Styling by Kate Berry

Nashville designer Louisa Pierce decked out a powder room in figure sketches, created by late local artist Hazel King. To add dimension to the humble pencil drawings, she then layered vintage French prints over the top for a winning combination. The blue paint peeking out from under the papers is an extra fun detail: It perfectly matches the shade of the mats. 

The Color-Coordinated Corner

blue sofa in front of floral print wallpaperPin It
Courtesy of Home Design Shops

Unsure of whether or not your new patchwork will match your existing decor? Look to this living room vignette, which proves the key to mastering this eclectic style is in picking complementary hues. The blues, reds, and greens of each mini floral print are echoed in the sofa’s throw pillows. Mimic the design by pulling together an assortment of old postcards or eBay illustrations—just be sure they match the palette to their surroundings.

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