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When hotelier Avi Brosh decided to open his first East Coast hotel in Miami, he didn’t want it to look like every other cliché, glitzy beachfront property. Instead, the owner of Palihouse Hotels purposefully turned to Italy for inspiration for Palihouse Miami Beach, which opened last month. “I really wanted it to feel more like you were staying at your cousin’s apartment in Milan,” he explains before adding: “Your cool, young cousin.” 

Putting aside all concepts of gilded details, Swarovski chandeliers, and all-white decor that permeates in the coastal metropolis, Brosh instead sourced mismatched patterns and dated color combinations for the new property. “Irreverence is a very difficult thing to do,” says Brosh. “But hotels can be mismatched and chic at the same time. It’s important to do counterintuitive things in design because it makes it personal.” 

And he might be on to something. With the hotel imminently ready to welcome a hip Art Basel crowd, these four nostalgic details might just make their way back into our lives—and our homes— sooner than we think.

Walls the Color of the Sea

Courtesy of Palihouse Miami Beach

Brosh is a fan of green, particularly in lobbies. He isn’t quite sure why the color draws him in, but he thinks it has something to do with its versatility. He stayed true to his signature verdant lobby in Miami but was careful to add a coastal twist with a seafoam hue in a textured plaster. “I wanted to do something more tropical,” he explains. Behind the bar, mosaic tiles in similar hues are paired with beige tile for a sand-meets-sea effect—and it works. 

A Retro Color Combo

Courtesy of Palihouse Miami Beach

You might rather find salmon and Burgundy on your table than on your walls, but this playful palette comes to life in the Palihouse’s guest rooms. “It feels fresh, permanent, and European chic—exactly the vibe I was going for,” Brosh says. He had known for a while he wanted to use the soft pink hue in his next property and juxtapose it with a maroon shower tile and a baby blue kitchenette. The result “clashed in a fairly severe way,” he says. Just as he intended it.

Fabrics Your Granny Would Love

Courtesy of Palihouse Miami Beach

Courtesy of Palihouse Miami Beach

The guestroom’s headboards and curtains both feature a safe, striped pattern that feels at home at the beach, but Brosh wanted to push the boundaries a little further with his other fabric choices to create “a sense of heritage mixed with hand-me-downs,” he says. For the ottomans, he picked a bold green and pink chintz, while the kitchenettes’ sinks were skirted with a rose gingham. He can explain: “The fabrics liberate your eye and give you an appreciation for happy accidents.”

Floors That Belong in Your Childhood Kitchen

Courtesy of Palihouse Miami Beach

In the lobby, the building’s original terrazzo floor was painstakingly restored, but the suites feature something a little more unexpected: a coral and beige tile reminiscent of ’90s interiors. “I just wanted it to feel like you’re going to someone’s apartment in Italy and pick something that felt kind of pedestrian,” explains Brosh who channeled approachable European elegance in his flooring choice. Vintage rugs were layered on top—a nod to the hotelier’s constant efforts to make high design feel within reach.

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