Published on December 29, 2015

chocolate chip and pistachio meringues

Garnished with pistachios and sprigs of mint, these bite-sized meringues are a pure delight.

pear and cranberry pie

Roasted pears, fresh ginger, and a motley of seasonal spices complete these mini pies.

s’mores donuts

What happens when you bring two classic (and utterly decadent) desserts together? We can only begin to imagine how this would taste. 

blackberry custard donuts

If the image wasn’t enough to entice you to make this, the blackberry jam and vanilla custard filling will do the trick.

chocolate peppermint cake

Picture-perfect presentation aside, we can’t wait to feast on this peppermint topped and chocolate drenched creation. 

salted caramel s’mores

This classic summertime snack definitely deserves a spot at the kids’ table.

cotton candy

NYE just wouldn’t be complete without cotton candy. And this golden bunch will definitely do the trick.

donut hole arrows

A quick and easy DIY, for a party-ready dessert in no time!

ombre cake

A colorful confection with delicious layers of vanilla cake and frosting.

mini chocolate pudding pies

These chocolate Oreo crusted goodies feature a delectable, creamy chocolate pudding center and a fluffy, marshmallow meringue. 

rainbow sprinkle cake

A delicious vanilla cake covered in a mouthwatering vanilla bean meringue and a very generous dose of sprinkles!

blueberry cheesecake

This is no ordinary cheesecake. Sugar-coated blueberries aside, this indulgent blend features a caramelized biscuit crust. 

coulant de chocolate

This classic dessert – better known as a chocolate volcano – features an utterly delicious molten chocolate center. 

the sultan’s pavlova

Recreate this classic dessert from Down Under, featuring a meringue center and a unique pomegranate, mint, and rose petal garnish.

new year’s eve crack

This quick and easy treat features a saltine cracker base, topped with brown sugar, chocolate chips, and a few holiday sprinkles.