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The first time I saw a lazy Susan used for condiments was in my grandmother’s house. Its tenants included olive oil, balsamic vinegar, a range of half-eaten jams, raw honey, and, of course, some oregano—a true gallimaufry of random pantry staples. It kept a corner cabinet neatly organized and frequently made appearances on the dining table so people could pick their breakfast accoutrement of choice. It was a smart idea, but for whatever reason I haven’t seen it anywhere since.

That is until I came across The Home Edit’s just-launched collaboration with The Container Store. A match made in organizational heaven, the 18-piece collection includes everything you need to tidy up all the rooms in your house, though the breakout star has to be the 9-inch acrylic lazy Susan. I immediately wanted it the second I saw it: the tiny tool that would revolutionize my kitchen’s cabinets.

Kitchen Organization photo
The Home Edit 9″ Lazy Susan, The Container Store ($15)

For one, the size is perfect. Nine inches is ideal for more narrow, cramped cabinets (like the ones afflicting my rental), fitting neatly within the confines. If not in use inside my cupboards, I could also see it being a helpful addition to my kitchen cart, as a countertop storage method for taller bottles that don’t fit with shelving.  

Also, I have a lot of condiments. What can I say? I love my olive oil. But impulse purchases, like rosemary-infused honey and sun-dried tomato pesto, stack up quickly. It’s hard to see what I have, which can either lead to me buying duplicates or totally forgetting about something and letting it expire. This clear lazy Susan keeps everything within view and easy reach.

Given that having a clutter-free home can help manage stress levels, the usefulness of seemingly niche tools like this is a small step toward a larger positive change. And when it comes to decluttering, we trust the organizational wizards at The Home Edit implicitly; head on over to your nearest Container Store (or shop the collection online) to pick up your own condiment wunderkind and see for yourself. Meet you on the checkout line.

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