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Generally speaking, your best bet for dinnerware that will stand the test of time is some kind of ceramic. (Melamine can be chic, but more often looks like it belongs at a picnic.) Kalon would like you to consider a third, more natural option: wood. The brand just launched its first-ever tabletop collection, and it’s so beautiful that simply buying it is reason enough to throw a dinner party. 

The line is four years in the making, created by specialized craftspeople in Amish woodworking country. As with all of Kalon’s products, there’s a huge focus on being kind to Mother Nature—the materials used are sourced locally from sustainably managed forests—so you can feel good about the investment buy (at $75 a plate, the tableware is definitely that).

But the real draw? Contrary to wood kitchenware’s normally finicky reputation, these pieces are actually food-proof. In the roasted maple finish, they’re 100 percent resistant to water, warping, and any kind of decay—just hand-wash with a mild soap and dry with a dish towel. Yes, you can use these for everyday meals, and when the products look as stylish as these do, you’ll want to. You might even start looking forward to setting the table. 

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