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You can buy all the cedar- and apple cider–scented candles you want this season, but if you are looking to turn your bedroom into a zen haven, focus all of your attention on the lighting. The right overhead fixture can totally change the mood of the room, and you don’t need deep pockets to update what you’ve got. Let us introduce you to IKEA’s Regnskur pendant lamp, which emits a warm, airy glow and is super-affordable (only $42). The plain white fabric that covers its oversize shell is great if you’re going for Noguchi-inspired vibes, but you can easily make the piece your own with a fresh floral print. Sofie Amalie Rolandsen of the blog Thus the Fuss recently showed us how. 

With her sewing machine on standby, the Frederiksberg, Denmark–based design blogger transformed the basic fixture in just a couple of hours. Some of the other tools you’ll need on hand? A tape measure, safety pins, tailor chalk, a metal skewer, and a light piece of fabric of your choice (around 60-by-30 inches). It’s best if the textile isn’t dark, that way the light will still shine through. 

Rolandsen created the new shade by folding the textile longways. Then, with the pattern displayed inside out, she sewed up the edges with a 1-centimeter-thick seam. For the top opening, she left a 2-centimeter-wide gap so she could snake the electrical cord through it. You can also add a drawstring to pull the fabric together so it ruches (Rolandsen used a trick with a wood skewer to get her tube just right). 

For all the details on this bedroom DIY, check out Rolandsen’s full tutorial here. With the right floral fabric, spring can be in full swing even when it’s snowing outside. 

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