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Glitter is pretty much a given on New Year’s Eve. But if you hosted last nights celebrations, chances are your carpet is in chaos. Read on for our best advice on removing the sparkles from every little nook and cranny—while nursing your pounding headache.

step one: 

Start by vacuuming. Expect to go over the same area again and again (and again). The edges on glitter tend to latch onto carpet fibers, which is why it’s such a pain to clean up.

step 2:

Tackle concentrated piles of glitter by wrapping masking tape around your hand (sticky side out, of course) and patting gently. Another great resource? The lint roller.

step 3:

If you have wood or tile floors, start by sweeping instead. If there are still some stubborn flecks, bring in the backup. Opt for the masking tape method on tile, because of the tiny ridges, and take a lint roller to any hard, flat surfaces.

step 4:

Skip steps 1-3 and deal with it tomorrow. Seriously consider different decor for next year or immediately call dibs on not hosting.