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Potential spoilers ahead! If you didn’t spend the entire weekend binge watching the new season of

House Of Cards

on Netflix, you may not want to read on. While we won’t give any plot lines or secrets away, it is possible to infer from the (stunning) set design photos that follow certain Underwood antics. Now that you’ve been warned, let’s begin.

The Underwood’s First Home, Gaffney, SC

Most, if not all sets in House Of Cards are extremely well balanced. This modest home the Underwoods shared as newlyweds is no different, but what really drew me to this one was the fireplace screen. While the muted tones of traditional decor cover the entire season, sometimes we find a midcentury moment that snaps us back into decor aficionado mode, but not for long, because something sinister is probably about to happen.

The Oval Office

Pineapple lamps! Did you guys notice these? If they give Emmys for best use of a pineapple in set design, we have our winner.

Leann Harvey’s Apartment

The only shot we get of Leann’s home, the space stood out to us for two reasons. One, her art, and two, her lamp. (Overall the lamp game this season was strong). Impressive that a political powerhouse who is like, never home placed such thoughtful pieces in her space.

The White House Residence Kitchen

The entire post could be about this kitchen, TBH. The Underwoods have always had excellent taste in kitchens, but this one is a favorite. It’s not a massive, sweeping showpiece of a kitchen. It’s modest, but impeccably styled and buttoned-up, almost like the kitchen is wearing a three piece suit.

The White House Residence Living Room

This space has been recreated in many a television show and movie. This one stands out to us because of that HoC symmetry of course, but also this show’s keen ability to make color and light reflect mood and even specific characters’ personalities.

Remy Danton’s Parents’ Home, Florida

Anyone else getting a Palm Springs vibe here? We would have given anything to see inside this mid century beauty, but unfortunately we never got past the driveway. Here’s hoping Remy pays his parents another visit in season five.

Oval Office, Empty

Some of the most intriguing scenes from season four were those that didn’t actually happen. Hallucinations and dreams played a big role this season, and this view was certainly the most striking to us. When else would you see an Oval Office set empty (and perfectly balanced, of course) but when the Underwoods are up to their old tricks?

The White House, Corridor to Residence

There are many scenes this season that feature well-styled shots of someone walking away. This corridor stands out for its beautiful lighting and powerful imagery. You don’t want to mess with this hallway.

The White House, Staircase To Residence

A shot taken moments later, this staircase is almost a character itself. Paintings of great Presidents of the past, who are often mentioned in this season’s dialogue, and chance meetings seem fleeting, but carry big impact. This staircase has to look good.

The White House Residence , Claire’s Room

Oh where to begin. The lamps, of course. The headboard. But what we really love is the use of a small love seat at the foot of the bed. Placed here because it has real purpose, whenever Claire needs a bit of room to work, we really like this idea. It’s a step beyond the foot-of-bed bench, and we love the way it adds to the functionality and overall print mix of the room.

The White House Residence, Master Bath

We can’t even.

Diner, Washington DC

Because most of the meetings Doug takes can’t happen anywhere official, this diner has always been his go-to. Here’s hoping he keeps it up, as this retro space is often a nice visual break from the show’s perpetually polished, traditional style.