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If you’re easily excited by pastels, planters, and plants, prepare to lose your mind. The Sill, our favorite NYC-based plant shop, is launching a new spring collection of planters in the cutest blush, yellow, and blue hues. But that’s not all… They’ve also collaborated with ceramist Brian Giniewski to create a limited edition line of one-of-a-kind planters that our entire office can’t stop fawning over.

Keep reading for more details on The Sill‘s newest spring planters and our favorite planters you can shop on domino.

Now, you may have noticed that Giniewski’s planters have a distinct style that can be described as “the drip”.

Giniewski told The Sill, “I started making these garish, super-saturated, drippy, candy colored vases that matched the 60s psychedelic theme of the gala [I was commissioned to make centerpieces for]. The event organizer was actually pretty upset with me when I showed her the first batch. She was afraid they were going to clash with the tablecloths… I loved that and kept pushing to make them even more exaggerated.”

The design almost evokes the visual of a melting ice cream cone, and the stripes a more modern feel. The limited edition planters are priced at $68.

The blush, yellow, and blue planters are available in five different sizes, sold to fit The Ezra, The Calvert, The Jules, The August, and The Olmsted plants. All of The Sill’s planters are designed in-house, are made locally in New Jersey, are priced at $38-$48, and available online.

The planters are available in The Sill’s NYC store and available online for NYC delivery. Don’t worry, The Sill ships nationwide!

Shop The Sill’s new collaboration and spring collection on TheSill.com. Keep reading for more of our favorite spring planters!

Square Planter with Burnt Orange Stripes

We get bright and cheery vibes from this one.

Buy it now: $89.99

La Paloma Square Planter

Opt for a blue and white patterned planter for a more sophisticated feel.

Buy it now: $84.99

Oval Planter in Blue Stripes

Pop some succulents or flowers into this 14 inch planter and leave on your windowsill or porch.

Buy it now: $68.99

Plant Box in Gray

Who doesn’t love a good plant box? We love how modern this model is.

Buy it now: $299.49

Plant Box in Blue

Choose the blue hue for a bolder pop of color, and add even more with some red flowers.

Buy it now: $299.49

Spun Planter in Copper

We can’t get enough of metallics, especially copper. It feels fresh for summer!

Buy it now: $174.99

Wise Egg Planter

These modern, sleek pots and plant stands will add chicness to any room of your home.

But it now: $447.99

Grow Pot with a Wooden Board

Place your plant in a more unconventional pot that’s attached to a wood board.

Buy it now: $99.99

Stellare Oval Planter

The starburst pattern feels so summery! And perfect for a patio.

Buy it now: $298.99

Radius Pot in Narrow

This tiny gold pot can accommodate any six inch potted plant—and pairs great with black and white decor.

Buy it now: $27.99

Iris Planter + Chevron Stand

This simple, minimalist design will blend right in to a modern home.

Buy it now: $129

Terracotta Stoneware Hanging Planter

Hanging planters are the BEST. We’re loving how the white string adds another element of design to this basic terracotta planter.

But it now: $74.99

Ivory Hexagon Vase

Upgrade your average round planter with a baby hexagon version.

But it now: $25.99

Ivory Table Top Planter

Pot your plant lower in the pot so the negative space design doesn’t display soil, but your succulent.

But it now: $27.99

Set of 3 Micro Hex Planters with Live Air Plants

The cutest tiny cement planters come with easy to care for air plants. We can’t imagine a better pairing.

Buy it now: $17.99

Chelsea Fibreclay Box Planter 21.5″ in Sand

If you’re looking for a pot for your larger plants, look past cheap plastic variations and choose to invest in a sturdy planter like you see here.

Buy it now: $377.99

Crossed Fibercement Square Planter 21″

Or check out this similar style in black for a different look.

Buy it now: $317.99

Roger Thomas Quatrefoil Planter in Matte Gold

The unique shape of this matte gold planter is sure to get some attention from your plant (and planter) loving friends!

Buy it now: $99

Set Of 3 Leather Spora

You can hang so much more than prints on your walls—including a trio of plants.

Buy it now: 129.99

Structural Hanging Planter

The design is an elevated version of regular terracotta hanging planters.

But it now: $35.99

White Kiri Wood Cube Planter

Go for a clean cut, light wash wood box planter for a more Scandinavian feel.

Buy it now: $77.99

Pleated Cement Pot

The cement gives this pot an industrial feel, but the ridged design evokes a very modern feeling, too.

Buy it now: $23.99

Black Polyresin Vase

Sometimes playing to the classics, like this beautiful urn planter, is just what a home needs.

Buy it now: $25.99

Oversized True Square Corten Steel Planter

We’re confident this rustic, square planter could work with many design styles.

Buy it now: $379.99

Oversized Element Corten Steel Planter

If you already have enough round (and square!) planters, try a more unique shape.

Buy it now: $359.99

Round Wood Hanging Vessel

We LOVE the pop of neon in this otherwise neutral hanging planter.

Buy it now: $17.99

Mossed Redstone Pot & Saucer

Sometimes these already weathered pots and saucers are just what you’re looking for.

Buy it now: $11.99