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TV decor inspires real life purchases all the time. Some sets we love for style, others for pure nostalgia factor. Today we’re talking a little of both. Famous TV chairs are often so integral to plot lines and character personas that they’re almost members of the cast themselves. Read on for some of the best chairs on TV, according to us.



‘s chairs might look all cozy and inviting, but this is where Ellen loves to scare the crap out of people . We could spend hours watching the antics that go down on Ellen.

Seinfeld‘s Booth

Okay, not technically a chair, but you sit in it. We love a good “regular” table in television, and we’ve seen plenty that are memorable. But perhaps none drive quite the nostalgia of Seinfeld , and so perfectly contain a television foursome for the ages.

The Jetsons‘ Accent Chair

Technically a show about the future, we’re getting a distinctly Eames Era vibe from Jane’s lounger. It’s the perfect TV watching perch for when you’ve got a busy day of instructing house-cleaning robots ahead of you.

Frasier‘s Lounger

Typically we don’t love it when one piece of furniture entirely destroys the decor scheme of a home, but this is an exception. Martin Crane’s beloved lounger moved into Frasier’s once-perfect home, and made itself a presence.

Fresh Prince Of Bel Air‘s Opening Credits Chair

Score one for the opening credits! We all had that early 90’s moment where we wished we had as much style as Will Smith. We also wanted this spinning piece of furniture in our rooms. Still do, TBH.

Pee Wee Herman‘s Chairy

Confession: Chairy kinda scared us as kids. As adults, we now appreciate this bold color choice and plush comfort. Thanks Chairy.

The Iron Throne

Presented without commentary.

Friends‘ Barcaloungers

Twas as if the boys never knew comfort before their twin eyesores arrived. One of our favorite episodes was the one where they refused to get out of the chairs. (Though we’re sure it has a real name). Bonus: the video at the end of this post with another favorite chair-related moment from Friends ).

Star Trek‘s Captain’s Chair

James T. Kirk had excellent taste in decor, actually. While we love the upgrade this power seat received in the movie , this one is pretty boss, too.

Sex And The City, The Chair Aidan Made Carrie

Some things do last forever…when they’re handcrafted. While most studio renters shy away from large furniture items, we’re glad the magic of television allowed Carrie to give this piece a home.

Bonus: One of our favorite chair-focused television moments, ever.