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by Rosie Hatch

Houseplants bring our homes color, oxygen and the feeling that nature is within reach. There are many unique ways to house your indoor plants that is both aesthetically pleasing as well as cohesive to the design of your space. This is easy, we promise.

Galvanized jug

This classically aged material is perfect for a table centerpiece or even on your doorstep for a picture perfect porch. The rustic appeal of the galvanized base mixed with colorful dainty flowers add some serious sophistication to wherever you choose to use it. You can easily incorporate this look for a country style wedding or French décor.

Whether outdoor or indoor you can easily fill the crates with a multitude of flowers or one large gorgeous plant. Add wheels to the crates- and voila you easily move them from one room to another! This is a great way to display the occasional flower delivery, if you’re bored with a basic vase.


Although ramekins are usually found in the kitchen, it doesn’t mean they can’t serve as tiny homes for small succulents.

These glass bowls are durable, decorative and usually come in sets of three that allow you to mix and match your plants of choice. Now you can easily fill vacant space on shelves, or incorporate them with your coffee table décor.


For larger houseplants, baskets are the way to go. They showcase the height and vibrancy of the plant and also serve as a design element themselves.

Choose a simple beige, or go for a pattern look to add a little bohemian flair. Perfect for that Fiddle Fig Leaf plant you’ve always wanted.


For a show-stopping look for your plants, go with a birdcage. It is an awesome change to otherwise normal potted plants. This look just oozes glamour and would be perfect for a sophisticated office or study.

Tray tables

Although using a side table seems like an unconventional choice, the result is stunning and unexpected. You can find a pot that fits the top perfectly and instantly give your plant height and visibility. You can also find smaller succulents or cacti and plant them directly on top for an alternative look.

Laundry bin

For a softer choice, a linen laundry bag is a great alternative to a pot or basket. Since these bins come in a variety of colors and designs, you can easily find one that will fit the color palette of your home. Just don’t forget to line the bag to avoid water spills!