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When you’ve had a long week, the very last thing you want to do is get back in the kitchen and whip up another intricate meal. We get it. Turns out, so do the people who cook for a living—but that doesn’t mean it’s time to hit up Postmates. What you need is something simple and light, something to balance out the food coma you may very well have spent the past couple of days in. Luckily, our favorite foodies have a menu all mapped out. 

Enter: these five fresh recipes. Between immune-boosting soups that will kick any cold symptoms to the curb and salads you’ll actually want to eat, “detoxing” never looked better. Plus, there’s nary a green juice in sight. 

Radicchio, Lentil, and Apple Salad With Vegan Cashew Dressing

Photography by Nico Schinco

“Let’s not kid ourselves; it’s still winter and we still need nourishing, comforting foods,” says Aran Goyoaga, whose cookbook Cannelle et Vanille is full of these healthy-but-decadent-tasting recipes. (Bonus: They’re all gluten-free.) This dish is anti-inflammatory, vegan, and hearty—see? Those don’t have to be oxymorons. 

The upgrade: Top with orange slices for a pop of color and some extra vitamin C. 

Adaptogenic Cauliflower Soup

Courtesy of Wu Haus

Alison Wu’s go-to includes ashwagandha and shatavari, two adaptogens meant to help your body deal with stress and generally make you feel good. “Plus, there’s nothing better than hot soup on a cold winter day,” she says. No arguments there. 

The upgrade: Garnish with radishes and nigella seeds for a bit of crunch with each spoonful. 

Red Endive and Pink Radicchio Salad

Photography by Athena Calderone

They say we eat with our eyes first, and Athena Calderone’s colorful creation turns any preconceived notion of boring greens on its head. “It’s super-vibrant with just the right balance of bitter, to counterbalance all the rich flavors we indulged in over the holidays,” she notes.

The upgrade: Squeeze fresh orange juice for the vinaigrette, and don’t skimp on the candied walnut topping. If you don’t like blue cheese, sub in Gorgonzola. 

Escarole Salad

Reprinted from Back Pocket Pasta. Copyright © 2017 by Colu Henry. Photographs copyright © 2017 by Peden + Munk. Published by Clarkson Potter/Publishers, an imprint of Penguin Random House LLC.

This recipe is from Colu Henry’s cookbook, Back Pocket Pasta, and it’s what she makes when she needs a break from all the gluten. “I crave bitter greens and hearty salads in the winter that are accompanied by bright vinaigrettes; this one’s a perfect example,” she says. 

The upgrade: Beef it up with grilled chicken, steak, or oven-roasted salmon if you need something more filling. And be sure to mix in your favorite nuts; Henry favors almonds, hazelnuts, and pistachios. 

Winter Vegetable Coconut Curry

Courtesy of The Original Dish

Served with garlicky, buttery naan, Kayla Howey’s pick still feels like comfort food. “It’s packed with roasted vegetables, yet it’s still so cozy—the perfect realistic balance that we all need this time of year,” she says. Put it together on Sunday to reap the benefits all week long; it makes for excellent leftovers. 

The upgrade: Skip the bread and serve it over brown rice if you’re craving something more nutritious. 

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