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Sure, hitting the bar after work is great, but sometimes you just want to host! Here’s how to do it, even

if your quarters are a little cramped. Cheers!

1. Put everything away. 

Leave conversation pieces out, like the latest issue of your favorite magazine (hint, hint) or that new stylish  coffee  table book  , but keep any clutter (dishes, clothes, and pieces of mail) hidden.

2. Be cheesy!

No one expects a big entrée at happy hour! Go easy on yourself and provide two or three  apps  with 

cheese: Caprese salad, watermelon and feta, and brie and figs are all crowd pleasers.

3. Forgo the flame. 

Candles can heat things up a little too much in a tight space, not to mention the risk of fire when 

someone bumps into one. Opt for a small bouquet of flowers, burn sage before guests arrive, or use a 


4. Keep the jams slow and low. 

No one wants in-your-face booming music when they walk in. Start by streaming a soulful playlist and 

after a while, change it up based on the vibe of the crowd.

5. Set up a bar. 

Whether you’ve got a cart, a table, or a bit of counter space, put everything your guests will need right 

there so there’s no crashing into each other trying to locate ice, straws, bottle openers, and all the other 

things that make the hour  happy  .

6. Shake up some signature cocktails.

You don’t need to have as many options as your favorite speakeasy. Provide a couple  cocktail options  or 

stick to only a few different wines or beers.

7. Stay in the clear. 

If you’re worried about spills, only serve clear liquor and white wine. Keeping it simple and clean will be 

less stressful for everyone involved.

8. Get creative with seating. 

Pull out your poufs, benches, and stools and put them in unused spaces so your guests can mingle and 

muse over the past week without asking you where they should park themselves.

9. Better yet, stand.

If you have really, really limited space, skip seating altogether. Go with the party vibe – stand, mingle, 

and play some dance music. Maybe your guests will be moved to bust a move!