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To some people, it’s the biggest night of the year! For that reason, it’s great to spend it at home. Here are 6 tips to throwing your best New Year’s Eve party—EVER—no matter the size of your guest list or space.

enforce rsvps

Once you’ve narrowed down the guest list to your closest friends, use an online invite site like Pingg or good ol’ fashioned Facebook to invite them. Make sure they let you know if they’re bringing plus ones.

go with cocktail attire

To keep guests from getting white tie-induced stress or underdressed depression (okay, that’s a tad dramatic), let everyone know your party is a cocktail attire affair.

provide (clear) libations

Champagne is pretty much expected at New Year’s so make sure the beverage is readily available. Take things up a notch by making cocktails with St. Germaine. If you want to encourage guests to bring spirits, ask for clear-colored alcohol only. It may seem uptight, but it’ll be worth having no unsightly stains to start your new year.

skip dinner

Have the party start after dinnertime and serve hors d’oeuvres only. You’ll avoid being stuck in the kitchen all night, a smoky stove, and tons of dirty dishes.

take end-of-the year polls

Use a chalkboard or dry erase board and get your friends to write in their picks for best song, movie, quote, moment, or person of the year.

play boardless games

Avoid boards and cards and just go for a 2015-themed game of charades. Write down notable celebs, news stories, and pop culture references on folded pieces of paper and put them in a bowl. Everyone will have a ball giving their best impressions.