helpful hosting hints for nye in a small space!

ring in the new year--anywhere

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A haute hostesses doesn’t let a small space slow her down, especially not on the most festive night of the year. If everyone’s NYE plans are different versions of “I don’t know what I’m doing,” take the initiative and host! Any apartment can welcome a crowd as you welcome 2016. We’ll prove it!

Have a coatrack ready just outside your front door (if you’re in an apartment in a building that you trust). This will eliminate coats, hats, and such taking up valuable party space. If you’re in a house, dedicate one bed or large chair that’s out of the way to collect the coats.

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Get everything you can have delivered, delivered. It’s going to take time to move furniture, prep self-serve food, and pull together a playlist. Take advantage of handy apps and services that will help you do the heavy lifting. This will give you time to really maximize your space.

Minibar is available in most major cities now, and will save you the most time when it comes to party prep. Pro tip–schedule the delivery one day before the party, just to have one less thing to worry about as you’re prepping your space for guests. This will also give you time to chill whatever needs chilling.

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Serve punch. One of your small space hosting keys to success is making as many items self-serve and easy access as possible. Not only will a large bowl of punch keep you from worrying about cocktail refills all night, but it’s also something you can set out in a space that might not be large enough for a home bar full of offerings.

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If your television isn’t wall-mounted (first of all, look into that), consider using a rolling cart for your TV for the night. You’ll need it if you want to watch the ball drop, but it’s pretty unnecessary for the rest of the night. If its usual resting place is a good flat surface for serving, wheel it out of the way and back in again for the countdown.

Don’t ignore your bed. Especially if you’re in a studio, turn your bed into a welcoming landing pad of sorts. Throw pillows, layered blankets, anything that makes it seem totally ok to lounge there, sort of like an extra couch.

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Stash your speakers (and laptop, if it’s attached to them), well out of the way. A high shelf, a windowsill, anywhere they won’t be a bother. Push play and then forget about it.

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Stash booze everywhere. Bookshelves, an entry console, all of these things can be makeshift cocktail or wine stations during the party, so that you have a good flow of people throughout. There’s nothing worse than people hovered in one corner of a small space that’s the only place they can find bites or bubbly.

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On the subject of bites, make your food bites. Food that requires silverware or that is difficult to eat will be a real mood killer at a small space New Year’s party. If all apps are bite sized, people can help themselves when they want as they enjoy the soiree.

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If the music can’t be heard in a back bedroom or on the porch, consider setting up a second music station, perhaps with a record player. This will keep things festive even for people on the fringes of the party. Set out a limited record section of holiday or party favorites that won’t require a lot of digging or decision-making.

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When it comes to decor, think UP. Vases of fresh flowers are nice, but they take up space. A festive, sparkly garland (or two) strewn up above will add a glam touch without requiring real estate. If you can make a disco ball a reality, we say go for it!