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It’s about time you introduced some fauna into your floral arrangements. We’re talking about feathers—which have quickly become one of our favorite new trends. Just think of them as the finishing touches: A plume here or there can fill out your bouquets, add a new color and texture, and infuse a sense of whimsy into an otherwise-traditional bunch of blooms. There are unlimited possibilities—all you have to do is get a little creative (and make sure the feathers don’t get wet, floral designer Manu Torres advises). Lucky for us, Torres—and two other boundary-pushing florists—were happy to share a few of their ideas to use as jumping-off points.

Think even further outside the box

In this eccentric arrangement, Torres doesn’t just stop with a base of yellow Big Bird fluff—he also incorporates Truffula-like tufts (a la The Lorax) and colorful baby’s breath amid the orchids and roses.

Rein it in

Here Amber Lu takes an Ikebana-like approach, accenting a simple, sparse assortment of flowers in unexpected blue and green hues with two long peacock feathers. Their extra height accentuates the arrangement’s sculptural quality.

Treat them like leaves

Metaflora’s Marisa Competello sees plumes as “a moment to draw attention and enhance beauty.” She goes all-out, using them to fill space like you would greenery for the biggest impact.

Focus on texture

For a more toned-down approach, opt for neutral hues, but get experimental with mixed-and-matched varieties, like Lu did with this piece. “I love how subtle these colors are together,” she says. “The pink feathers are pastel, and the flame grass is beige, so the look it creates is simple and monochromatic but dramatic.”

Go faux

Sometimes, an unnatural touch is just what your arrangement needs. Here Torres uses two faux feathers in striking shades of turquoise and pink to make the real blossoms even more festive. Just follow your wildest flights of fancy.

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