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Flowers are an integral part of a wedding—maybe not as important as the ceremony itself, but you get the point. Whether they’re for the actual ceremony or the reception, florals are an aesthetically pleasing visual element that can make a significant impact on the decor.

As we slowly transition away from classic blush and green color schemes, it’s time to make way for the fresh wave of flowers leading the trends. Spoiler alert: They definitely skew a bit left of traditional, and we couldn’t be more on board.

With that, we tapped our network of ultra-cool floral designers, florists, and wedding experts to get the lowdown on the hues you’ll be seeing more of this year. Here’s what they had to say.

Moody browns and blush-toned neutrals

Arrangement by Of the Flowers Photography by Jesse Chamberlin

One would be hard-pressed to label brown as an appealing color, never mind designate it as the sole color scheme of a wedding. Nonetheless, it’s on the fast track toward becoming one of the trendiest hues of the year. Go figure.

“This season we are seeing a lot of dried flowers and mauve colors,” says Thumbtack florist Ione Martinez, adding that farms in Southern California are growing brown flower collections to meet growing demands. “These are getting paired with dried blooms and pampas grass.” Yet another plant that’s taking over.

“Brides are all about this nontraditional look, and we expect to see it stick around for a while,” says Lauren Megerdichian, weddings editor at Style Me Pretty. “Minimalistic and bohemian brides are especially going to take advantage of this fresh floral trend in their ceremony designs, centerpieces, and bridal bouquets.”

Designlovefest’s Bri Emery, who recently tied the knot in an Art Deco–themed ceremony in New Orleans, spearheaded the tonal trend with an inspired use of blush tones, mauves, and plenty of pampas grass, to boot.

Brooke Lucas of New York City–based floral design studio The Wild Bunch is here for the moodier florals: “I’m all about the spice tones that have taken over fashion and interior design—think: rust-colored ranunculus, mustard garden roses, and brown foliage.”

Muted blues


Spencer Falls of The Unlikely Florist has spotted an uptick of blue florals—think: delphiniums, nigella, and anemone. “They’re a fresh take on the elegance of a traditional white wedding,” he explains, adding that the hue provides the opportunity to get creative with cool tonal pairings.

While diluting blues with softer colors is an option, we’re strongly in favor of a monochromatic bunch comprised of a subtle display of seasonal flowers. “We’re seeing a lot of vibrant hues, as well as monochromatic color palettes where the whole arrangement sticks to one main color,” says Angela Hamilton of 100 Layer Cake.

Peachy pinks and vibrant citrus-inspired hues

Photography by Sachi Rose

It’s only natural that Pantone’s 2019 COY, Living Coral, is represented among this year’s trending florals. You’ll see it played out by way of peonies—the ever-present crown flower of the wedding industry—and dahlias, especially when it comes to weddings held in late summer or autumn.

“We expect to see major color pops and unexpected palettes,” says Megerdichian. “That means vibrant citrus hues, living coral, bright yellow, and bold color contrasts.”

These colors are best displayed in bold and asymmetrical arrangements, dictated by the natural gesture and shape of the flowers, notes floral designer Sachi Rose Pollard. “I’m a huge fan of maximalism, which translates to trailing jasmine vine, Icelandic poppies, whimsical reflexed French tulips (reflexing is when you open a flower by folding the petals back), seasonal branches, and, of course, garden roses,” she says.

Rainbow and tinted blush

Flowers by Of the Flowers | Photography by Kelly Brown

Imagine that. Now don’t take this one in its literal definition but rather envision it in the form of beautifully tinted florals in multicolored finishes.

According to Caroline Bailly of L’Atelier Rouge, baby’s breath is the prime contender for this trend. “Either rainbow or pink baby’s breath, displayed as a mass, has made a tremendous comeback,” the floral designer says.

“Baby’s breath hasn’t had the best reputation for a good long while, but it’s popping up in the most unexpected and stunning ways: dried, dyed, and full of volume,” adds Hamilton.

Mandy Moore’s epic backyard wedding was proof of this. The actress tied the knot beneath a blush-tinted arch, comprised of a massive structure of bunched baby’s breath. Tinted in soft pink, it provided a refreshing twist on the classic filler.

In fact, dyed flowers have been steadily on the rise this year, especially when it comes to bridal bouquets and centerpieces, says Lucas. “There are some beautiful dyed tulips and sweet peas, in chocolate tones, which give arrangements a very sophisticated, nuanced look,” the designer adds.

Here’s to wedding season and all the inspired arrangements it will bring.

Courtesy of Bunch

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