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Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas may have kept the details of their second wedding ceremony in the south of France on the down-low, but they revealed one major component in the black-and-white photo the couple shared on Instagram earlier this month: their floral arrangements. Needless to say, they were. on. point. 

Laetitia Mayor of Burgundy-based floral design studio Floresie and Alicia and Adam Rico of Dallas’s Bows and Arrows Flowers are to credit for Turner and Jonas’s whimsical displays, which have casually amassed over six million likes… and counting. While the specifics concerning the Game of Thrones star’s bouquet are still top-secret, we were able to chat with Mayor about her trend predictions for fall, plus the one bold wedding decor idea she wants to see more of next year. 

Fewer Leaves

Eucalyptus, ruscus, ferns—save greenery for the tables come autumn. The trend of large bouquets with lots of different bloom varieties and tons of foliage—something brides wanted a couple of years ago—is definitely on its way out,” says Mayor. “Most designs this fall will be 100 percent flowers, without any foliage.” 

Natural Shapes

Paring down the greenery will bring you to Mayor’s second idea for fall: proportional silhouettes. The gist? Nothing should look too contrived (even though you recruited a savvy florist to tailor your bouquet’s composition). “The favored shape remains organic-looking—that is, not especially round or geometric but rather using the shape of the flowers to create a bouquet that has movement and depth,” says Mayor. This way, each flower can truly shine. 

“Most designs this fall will be 100 percent flowers, without any foliage.”

Monochrome Palettes

Expect minimalist color schemes to blossom this fall. “Minimalism doesn’t mean simplistic design, though,” Mayor explains. “It expresses itself in monochromatically too: very strong, striking colors or absolute neutral hues.” So limit the number of varieties in your bouquet like Ellen Marie Bennett did with her cockscomb bouquet, as seen here in the hands of bridesman Jesse Tyler Ferguson at her Mexico City wedding

Dried Florals 

When Mandy Moore’s wedding florist Felisa Funes revealed to us back in December that dried baby’s breath and other varietals were going to take off in 2019, we were completely on board. Mayor agrees, but she says you don’t have to go one way or the other—do a little bit of both. “The mix of fresh and dried florals is something that took off this spring and will for sure stay for some more months,” shares the designer. 

Seasonal Blooms

Unsure where to begin? Plan your bouquet around what’s actually growing. “Making a floral selection that is seasonal is certainly a good start for a timeless design in the fall,” says Mayor. If you’re jetting off to France for the big day, Turner-Jonas style, consider an arrangement of garden roses and dahlias (Mayor’s go-to local picks for autumn). “It’s the same with colors,” she continues. “Branches turning mustardy-bronze, coupled with gradient dusty pinks and purples, resonates; just appease nature preparing itself to go to sleep.” 

“The mix of fresh and dried florals is something that took off this spring and will for sure stay for some more months.”

And for 2020… Overgrown Cake Tables

If bouquets this coming fall will be all about refinement, table arrangements will be just the opposite. Mayor’s suggestion for the coming year? Go wild with flowers on the dessert table. “These are so much fun to design and create such a surprising element for your guests,” she says. You don’t need a star-studded guest list to make your day feel extra special—just take a cue from this celeb-favorite florist. 

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